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Hi I’m Amber! If love finding things to make life more fun. Life can just get so boring sometimes! The same stuff everyday over and over. Sometimes you just need something fun to help you get out of the rut. 

I started this site to share all the new fun stuff, projects, facts and ideas that you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Here you will find all the newest trends (we will try them so you don’t have to), fun foods, drinks that aren’t boring, exciting facts and tips, what’s new in stores, easy meal ideas, the best DIY projects, shopping hacks (to help you keep your money), and things to just make you smile.

So basically you will find a little bit of everything everyday, but all things you find will be fun! I am always shopping or trying something new in my life, so I figured why not share it with others.

I will be reviewing all my things that I buy in my “real life”, and sharing thoughts with you. This way you will know if you should or shouldn’t waste your money.

Let me warn you, I am a frequent shopper at Costco and Target, so you will probably see lots of stuff from there!

And if you are ever wondering if all the cute trending stuff that you see on Pinterest and TikTok actually works, then don’t worry because we are going to save you some time (and money!) and try it out for you.

I hope that this site helps you to learn some fun facts, try new things, save some money and find fun stuff! Most of all I hope that it makes your life a bit more happy and exciting.

Thank you for visiting, I hope that you stay awhile, and let’s try some fun stuff together!