Hi I’m Amber! I love sharing all my Costco finds. I started this site Everyday Fun Finds to share all my favorite and not-so favorite things that I find at Costco.

I first started sharing all my finds and reviews on TikTok and quickly realized that people love things from Costco. I then started this website to post my full and honest reviews about Costco foods and products.

Since I am always shopping at Costco and trying new things, I figured why not share it with others. I hope that you find this site useful!

*This website is not affiliated with Costco in anyway, I just do this to help other shoppers like myself. None of the reviews that I share are sponsored. I buy all these Costco products and food with my own money to try them out for myself and review them for you.

I try to include many photos, helpful information, and tips about all the products that I review. I also am 100% honest, even if I don’t like a specific food or product.

From new finds at Costco to new food reviews, I hope that this helps you to learn more about what you do and don’t need. Thank you for visiting and let’s try some Costco stuff together!