40 Pound Bags of Wild Bird Seed at Costco

You can get a 40 pound bag of Bird Seed at Costco. There is nothing quite as relaxing as watching the birds in your yard.It’s fun to see and hear the different varieties of birds that come to eat from bird feeders around your house. 

I think that we can all agree that it’s fun to watch the birds, but they do eat a ton of bird seed, and it can get expensive. You might be wondering if you can buy bird seed from Costco. If you are, then you will be happy to hear that the answer is yes. Here is everything that you need to know.


  • Costco Item number 910960
  • $25.99 USD for a 40 pound bag
  • Premium Wild Bird Food

I found the bags of Bird Seed on the side of the store near the dog food. 

What is Included

The Bird Seed Bags are from the company Audubon Park and they are the Nature’s Blend Premium Wild Bird Food. The bags are 40 pounds and they include a mix of the following different types of feed. 

  • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
  • White Proso Millet
  • Chipped Sunflower Seeds
  • Striped Sunflower Seeds 
bird seed ingredients

This specific blend is a High-energy blend and contains lots of sunflower seeds and chips. It is designed for use in hoppers, tube, table, or platform feeders. 

info about bird seed on bag

The Nature’s Blend Wild Bird Feed will attract the following types of birds:

  • Finches
  • Cardinals
  • Towhees
  • Nuthatches
  • Grosbeaks
  • Jays
  • Chickadees
  • Buntings 

While these are the birds that this bird feed will most likely attract, it will attract other birds not listed above. It just depends on your location and what birds you have in your area.

bag of bird seed at costco

There is also a ton of information on the back of the bag about storage, choosing the right feeder, tips & feeding instructions, and keeping the birds friendly. 

bird seed info on back of bag

Storing Your Bird Feed 

The bag of bird seed does have a pull open tab that makes it easier to open, but the manufacturer does recommend storing the bird seed in an air and watertight container if you will be storing it longer than a few weeks. It should also be kept in a cool, dry and shaded area. They suggest storing it in a garage, shed, or patio storage box. 

Feeding Instructions 

The feeding instructions say that you should keep a fresh supply of bird seed in your feeders. This will help to attract more birds. It also states that you should place your feeders around the yard at different heights near shrubs, trees, or birdhouses. 

Placing your feeders near shrubs & trees can give the birds more protection while they are feeding. You should clean and dry the feeders often to make sure they don’t start to get moldy. Also, when feeding birds, you should place a fresh supply of water nearby so the birds can have access to water.

feeding instructions

The back of the bag also includes a section that explains how to keep it friendly. It suggested that you should use different types of feeders for specific birds and to also deal with overcrowding. 

This will help to keep the birds from fighting. Also, you should provide a “critter” feeder for squirrels and chipmunks so that they stay away from your bird feeders. 

instructions to keep birds friendly

Bird Feeding Tips

The bag also includes a list of helpful tips when using the bird seed. Here is what is suggests:

  • Keep feeders filled with bird food. 
  • Offer fresh clean water for drinking and bathing. 
  • Yards with plants, fountains, and birdhouses attract more birds. 
  • Choose the right type of feeders for birds in your area. 
  • Place feeders at different heights and locations. 

They also included their website name so that you can visit to learn more about how to Birdscape your yard. 

Choosing The Right Bird Feeders 

It suggests choosing your feeder based on the size of seeds that you will be using. Also, different types of feeders will attract different types of birds. Here is a list of the different types of feeders and what birds they attract:

  • Tube Feeders: smaller perching birds (Finches and Buntings)
  • Hopper or Tray Feeders: larger birds (Woodpeckers, Jays, Junchos, Towhees, and Grosbeaks)
instructions to choose the right feeder

What Others Thought 

This brand of bird seed seems to be very popular and was rated about 4.5 stars on retailer websites. Many people said that they love this bird seed because it attracts a large variety of birds. Overall most people said that the birds love this seed mix. 

Final Thoughts 

This large 40 pound bag of Bird Seed might be just what you need to stock up. The price is not bad for just $25.99 and this specific mix and brand have great reviews. 

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