Costco Carrot Cake Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting 

These Costco Carrot Cake Cupcakes are perfect for spring! Let Costco do the baking for you, and you can enjoy the perfect Easter dessert. 

Each year a few weeks before Easter Costco makes these limited Mini Carrot Cakes topped with cream cheese icing and a cute little carrot. 

costco carrot cake cupcakes

They only sell them while supplies last, and they normally sell out fast, so make sure you grab some while they are still in stock. 

In our house, we love carrot cake, so of course we had to grab some of these and try them. 

Not only did carrot cake sound like the perfect delicious treat for spring, these just looked so adorable that I couldn’t pass them up. 

Since they only sell these right before Easter, they would be perfect to grab for an easy holiday dessert. 

Here is everything you need to know. 

mini carrot cakes at costco

Costco Carrot Cake Cupcakes 

Here is more information about the Costco mini carrot cakes: 

  • Costco Item number 1530559.
  • $7.99 USD per pack. 
  • 6 mini carrot cakes. 
  • Topped with Cream cheese icing. 
  • Includes raisins, carrots, and walnuts. 
  • Located in the bakery section. 

Luckily, I had just arrived at my local Costco right after it had opened and these mini carrot cakes had just been stocked.Honestly they looked so good that I just couldn’t pass them up! 

After buying them I realized that this is one of Costco’s seasonal items that they sell every year leading up to Easter. When learning more about the popular Costco carrot cake cupcakes I discovered that many people have a hard time finding these in stock. 

I just got lucky! If you are looking to score some of these for the holiday then you’ll want to possibly call ahead to see when your local Costco plans on stocking them. Also, make sure you arrive early as possible in the morning, so that the shelves will be full. 

costco carrot cake cupcakes on display


I love that these cupcakes are in a clear container. They look so cute and delicious all at the same time. You will definitely have your guest excited for dessert seeing these sitting out on the counter. 

They would also be perfect to grab a pack or two to bring with you if you are planning on going to someone else’s house to celebrate. Each pack is only $7.99 and this includes 6 mini cakes. 

The official Costco name for these are the “Costco Mini Carrot Cakes” but some people also refer to them as the “Costco Carrot Cupcakes”.Whatever you decide to call them, there is one thing for sure, there is nothing mini about them! 

close up of carrot on a cupcake

These “mini cakes” are actually the exact same size as the Costco Muffins. If you have ever had a Costco muffin then you know that they are not just your normal size muffin. 

Just like everything else at Costco they are really big! Here is a photo of one of the mini carrot cakes from Costco so that you can get an idea of how big it actually is. 

I couldn’t even eat more than a quarter of this. I would definitely say that a serving size for one person would be probably ¼ to ½ of one of these. 

side view of cupcake


While I have certainly tried a lot of carrot cake in my life, this was my first time trying the Costco mini carrot cupcakes, so I was excited to taste them. I had also heard very mixed reviews online. 

Some people claimed that they absolutely loved them, and others said that they didn’t taste like a carrot cake and instead tasted more like a muffin. 

mini carrot cake mini

After taking my first bite my initial thoughts were how delicious and creamy the cream cheese was. I am not even that big of a fan of cream cheese so I was surprised that it was so good. 

It was also very rich. So rich that like I said I couldn’t eat more than about ¼ of one of the mini cakes. The actual carrot cake part was also good in my opinion. While it wasn’t the best carrot cake that I have tried, it also wasn’t the worst. 

Carrot cake is not really full of carrots, just a few raisins and walnuts, and I could taste a hint of carrots. Many people who had tried these said that they were more of a muffin than a cake, and I could definitely see why they might think this. 

close up of carrot cake on fork

Like I said, they were not packed with carrots, like many carrot sheet cakes are, they just had more of a hint of carrot taste. I don’t think I would really say that they tasted like a muffin, I think that they definitely tasted like a cake. 

The actual cake itself was moist, had a good consistency, and was just your average carrot cake. One thing that stood out to me was how much frosting was on the top of each cake. There was a very thick layer of cream cheese icing swirled on the top of each mini cake. 

Here you can see a photo of one of the mini cakes cut in half to get a better idea of how thick the icing is. 

costco mini carrot cake cut in half

At Costo these were stored in a refrigerated case, and you should also keep these refrigerated. Since they have cream cheese frosting you want to make sure that they stay cool. 

Final Thoughts 

While I wouldn’t say that these Costco carrot cupcakes are the best tasting cake that I have ever tried, I am definitely not complaining. 

They are rich, moist, and delicious. I also thought that they were just adorable with the tiny little carrots on each mini cake. My favorite part of these was how convenient they are to buy for a party or to bring as a dessert.

I also think that I would probably want to cut these in half or even quarters to serve instead of serving one mini cake per person. They are very rich, and I couldn’t imagine eating an entire mini cake all to myself. 

I would definitely recommend that you try these mini carrot cakes. Just make sure that you shop early so that you don’t miss out. So hop on over to your local Costco and grab some of these to make your Easter celebration a little sweeter!

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