Costco Roasted Chicken and Swiss Roller Tray Review

I have looked for the Chicken and Swiss Roller Tray at Costco so many times in the last few months. On my last visit, I finally found them in stock and couldn’t wait to try them out. I am happy to say that they are delicious!

chicken and Swiss rollers

Costco Chicken and Swiss Rollers

  • Costco Item number 20128
  • USD 6.99 per lb. (most were priced around $13 each)
  • Ready to eat.
  • Includes 12 rollers.

I found these roasted chicken and swiss roller trays in the deli. They are found near the other Costco pre-packaged foods.

While they sometimes will have these in stock, in my experience this is not an item that they restock daily.

Included in the Tray

Each tray includes a clear plastic container with a detachable lid and has 12 ready-to-eat roasted chicken and cheese rollers.

12 rollers in a clear plastic tray


These small trays used to be priced per tray but are now priced per weight. The price of each tray will vary depending on the exact weight. They are currently priced at $6.99 per pound.

The tray that I purchased was $12.86 and it seemed like most of the trays were priced around $13-14 each. If we break this down by roll, the price of each roll would be about $1.08.


These Costco chicken and swiss rolls are made with roasted chicken, swiss cheese slice tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, cranberry cream cheese, and rolled in a thin flatbread.Here is a photo of the full ingredients list and price per pound.

price tag on container

The roasted chicken and swiss roller trays are only good for a few days. On each label, you will see a packed date, and also a sell-by date.

The sell-by date on the tray that I purchased was exactly two days after the pack date. These rollers should be kept refrigerated, and they might still be good a few days after the sell-by date.

However, I would suggest eating them as soon as possible, as the roll that it is wrapped in could become soggy.

Nutrition / Serving Size

The labeling on the package doesn’t include the nutrition information, but I did some research and it seems that each roll is about 160 calories.

These trays also did not give a suggested serving size, but I would say that the suggested serving would be about 2 – 3 rolls per person. This means that a tray of 12 rolls would probably serve 4-6 people.


I honestly had no idea what to expect when trying the Costco chicken and swiss roller tray. I am also not a huge fan of cranberry, and since these have cranberry cream cheese, I thought that I might not like them.

You can see the cranberry cream cheese that is spread onto the roll in this photo. This was the first one that I tried and I loved it.

close up of a chicken and Swiss roller from costco

I thought that it was the perfect amount of cream cheese and it gave the roll a bit of added sweetness and flavor.

I also really liked all the other ingredients that were mixed into the roll. The green lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and the chicken was good too. They were so good that I ended up eating a few of them in just one sitting!

Also, when it said roasted chicken roll on the package, I thought that these might be made using the extras from popular Costco Rotisserie Chicken in the deli.

These rolls are not made from Rotisserie chicken and are instead made using sliced roasted chicken cold cut deli meat.

Swiss rolls from costco on a plate

While I am used to eating turkey cold cuts, this was my first time trying a chicken cold cut. Surprisingly I thought that it was very good.

I liked how each roll was tightly put together and didn’t fall apart when I picked it up and while eating it.

swiss roll with a bite out of it

Also, I liked the flat bread that that the rolls are wrapped in. At first, I thought it was just a regular tortilla, but then I realized that it is a bit thicker than a tortilla.

They are made with a thin flatbread that I thought was so much better than just a normal tortilla.

view of flatbread on Swiss roll

All of the rolls were so fresh and none of them were soggy.

The one thing that I did notice was that some of the rolls didn’t have as much cranberry cream cheese as others. While I think that all the rolls were good, I did prefer the ones that had more cream cheese.

What Others Think

Whenever I try something new at Costco, I love to do research and see what other people think. Overall, it seemed like most people did love these chicken and swiss roller trays.

The only complaint that many people had was that Costco used to sell these as “Turkey and Swiss Rollers” and they now only offer chicken roll-ups and no longer sell the turkey ones. Many people loved the turkey ones and wanted Costco to bring them back.

While it seems like many customers prefer the turkey over the chicken, no one complained that they didn’t like the chicken. Most people felt the same as I did and love the Costco Chicken Rollers.

A few people did say that they like to add a bit of mustard to them as some of the rolls can be too sweet and the mustard evens it out. While I can see that this would be a personal preference, I didn’t think that they were too sweet.

I was also surprised to hear that many people also have a hard time finding these in stock at their local Costcos.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I love the Costco Chicken and Swiss Rollers. They are freshly made, have the perfect blend of ingredients, and taste amazing.

These trays would be great to serve for lunch or bring to a party. If you are having a party, I would suggest ordering these same rollers in the larger party tray that Costco sells.

While these smaller grab-and-go trays can be hard to find in stock at Costco, when you do spot them I would suggest that you try them out.

They are delicious and I know that the next time I see them in stock I will be buying more.

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