Costco Chicken Mediterranean Skewers Review

Looking for an great way to get some more protein into your diet? The Costco Chicken Medditeranean Skewers are a quick and easy option! 

Since I track my macros to make sure I am getting enough protein everyday, when I spotted these chicken skewers, I knew that I needed to try them. 

While I did love them and have purchase them many more times since, these are not my favorite option for pre-made chicken at Costco. 

There are some things I love about these Chicken Skewers, and also some things that I don’t.

Pack of chicken skewers.

Location, Item Number & Price

These can be found in the refrigerated section of the deli near the lunch meats. The item number is 1415808.

The package is $15.79 USD and it includes 14 grilled chicken skewers. Since each of the skewers don’t really have that much meat, you are really paying for the convenience of having premade chicken. 

Chicken skewers in package.


These are good, they’re are not my favorite, but they are not bad. I cooked my chicken skewers in the microwave following the cooking instructions listed on the package, and they were perfectly cooked and really hot. 

The overall taste of the chicken is good, they just don’t have any flavor to them. I couldn’t really taste any seasoning, they just taste like plain chicken. 

Two grilled chicken skewers on a plate.

I don’t dislike the chicken skewers, but there are a few things that I don’t really love.

First, when you open the package the chicken doesn’t smell the greatest, but once you cook the chicken it smells good. 

Also, I have purchased these many times, and sometimes the chicken meat is a little spongy and I have to toss out parts of the chicken because there are hard chucks of meat. 

While I don’t love these skewers (mostly because of the quality of chicken meat), they are a decent way to add extra protein into my diet. I normally remove the chicken from the stick, and then break it up into pieces. 

To give it more flavor I use bbq or dipping sauce. They are great to eat on their own or add into another meal like a salad. 

Chunks of chicken meat with bbq sauce.


The skewers come fully cooked so they are quick and easy to heat up. All you have to do is warm them up in the microwave or oven. The one thing that I don’t like about the package is that it is not resealable. After I open the pack, I normally put the skewers into a ziplock bag to keep them fresh longer. 

Chicken skewers in a zip lock bag.


These are a low calorie, high in protein, and also high in sodium. A serving size is two chicken skewers, which has 150 calories, 3.5g of fat, 690 mg of sodium, 3g of carbohydrates, and 24g of protein. 

Nutrition facts.


The chicken skewers made with chicken breast meat that has been all vegitarian fed, has no added growth hormones, gluten and preservative free, and made with extra virgin olive oil. Here is a full list of the ingredients. 

Full ingredients list.

Cooking Instructions

The chicken is already pre-cooked, but it does have to be heated. There are instructions for heating using the oven, grill, or microwave. 

I normally cook mine in the microwave, because it’s fast and easy. It does recommend the oven as the best way for heating. 

Cooking instructions.

Final Thoughts

While these are easy and convenient, they don’t taste that great and are ralther expensive for the amount of chicken that you get. 

Overall I would rate them a 7/10. While I don’t like that I often find hard chunks in the meat, they are great to have in the fridge if you are trying to meet your protein goals. 

Have you tried these grilled chicken skewers? How did you like them?

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