Costco Chocolate Coconut Almonds by Edward Marc

This was my first time trying the Edward Marc Coconut Almonds from Costco, and I have to say that they didn’t disappoint. I love anything chocolate and anything with coconut, so I figured that I would like these too.

Some of my other Costco favorite chocolate snacks are the Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars and the Kirkland Chocolate Covered Almonds, so I figured that these would be a mix of them both.While this was my first time trying these, I am happy to say that I found another great snack at Costco!

Here are my thoughts and everything that you need to know.

Costco Chocolate Coconut Almonds

  • 1073647
  • USD 13.99 (On sale for $9.79)
  • Made by Edward Marc
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors.

Since they had these on sale at my local Costco I found them on a special end cap display near the back of the store. Normally these would be found in the snack aisle near the other snacks and candies.

Inside The Bag

The 2-pound bag comes about halfway full. It has a resealable zip-lock liner which makes storing the chocolates easy.

chocolate candies in bag

On the back of the bag, it has some information about the coconut and chocolate-covered almonds.

The company that makes these is called Edward Marc Chocolatier. It says that the family has been crafting recipes since 1914 and these chocolate-covered almonds are one of their favorite snacks.

They make these snacks by starting with a roasted almond, then covering them in a coconut flavored coating and covering with a premium sustainably sourced cocoa.

back of bag


One serving size of coconut almonds with Chocolate is about 6 pieces and has 150 calories. Here is a photo of the full nutritional information from the back of the bag.

nutrition facts


I have honestly never tried chocolate and coconut-covered almond, so I had no idea what to expect.

After trying them I can now say that these little chocolate snacks are delicious. The taste is similar to Almond Joy but better.

holding a chocolate covered coconut almond

You can taste the coconut and chocolate that covered the rest of the almond.

The difference between these and other coconut and almond snacks that I have tried is that the layer of coconut covering the almond has a firmer texture.

I will warn you, these are so good that you won’t want to eat just a few. They disappeared way too fast in our house.

coconut and chocolate almonds on plate

What Others Thought

Whenever I review a product, I love to learn more about what other people think.Overall all the reviews I found were people saying how much they loved these Edward Marc Chocolate Coconut Almonds.

Most of the reviewers state that these are so addicting and it’s hard to control yourself to eat just a few because they are so good. I would have to say that I agree!

One person referred to them as “little bite-sized gourmet Almond Joys”.While the overwhelming majority of people loved these, one person did say that there was too much chocolate and coconut per nut.

I did notice that the almonds inside these seem smaller than other chocolate-covered almonds that I have tried, I didn’t think that they were too small compared to the coconut and chocolate.

inside of the candy

The number one complaint that most people had was that Costco doesn’t sell these year-round. Some of the reviews stated that when Costco does get them in stock, they sell out quickly.

Some people said that they even buy a few bags when they go on sale at Costco and put the extra bag in their freezer for later.

Final Thoughts

These Chocolate Coconut Almonds are a great price and they taste amazing. If you love coconut, chocolate, and almonds, then you would probably love these.

If you do want to try these, keep an eye out at your local Costco for a sale. I purchased the large 2-pound bag at Costco for just $9.79 which is about half the price I have seen them selling for online.

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