Costco Manna Color Changing Cups Review

These color changing cups are a summer must have! The cups change colors when you add fill them with cold water.

Many are saying that these are a dupe for the color changing Starbucks cups, since Starbucks also have color changing confetti tumblers that they recently released. 

color changing cups from costco


  • Costco Item Number 1371847
  • 12 tumblers, lids and stars are included
  • $14.99 USD

These color changing tumblers can be found near the dishes and kitchen section. I found them on an end cap since they were a new release. While there have been different sets of Manna cups at Costco sold in the past, this specific set includes the confetti cups. 

Each set includes 12 plastic tumbler cups with matching lids and straws. This comes out to a cost of $1.25 for each cup. I thought that this was a great price since you get a good amount of cups. It is also much cheaper than the popular and very similar Starbucks Confetti cups which sell for about $4 each. 

Everything Included

  • 3 green logo confetti cups with matching green lids and straws. 
  • 3 purple logo confetti cups with 3 matching purple lids and straws.
  • 3 green cups with matching blue lids and straws.
  • 3 orange cups with matching red lids and straws. 
everything that comes in the pack


The manufacturer website recommends gently washing cups with warm water and soap before using. They also suggest that for a greater color changing effect you first rinse the “cold cups” in warm water. Here are some other facts about the cups included on the manufacturer website:

  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Reusable and durable
  • Splash resistant lids
  • BPA and Lead Free
  • Fits most cup holders
  • Cups hold 24oz of liquid (same as a venti) 
  • Easy to decorate and customize
  • NOT microwave safe
  • NOT dishwasher safe
  • Hand wash ONLY
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaners

I know it can be tempting to just put the tumblers in the dishwasher, but heating them up in the dishwasher or microwave can damage the color changing properties that are in the plastic. This can cause the tumblers to get damaged and no longer change colors or work as well. 

They also can scratch really easily. I used the scrubby side of my sponge to wash mine, and I could already see a few scratches. Make sure that you use something very gently to wash your cups, such as a soft sponge or rag. 

facts about manna color changing cups

Confetti Cup with Purple Logo

Here is the color changing confetti cup with the purple logo. You can see that before adding the ice water the confetti was all white. After adding the water the confetti changes to multi-colored. I used the purple lid and straw to match the purple logo.

confetti cup with purple lid

Confetti Cup with Green Logo

Here is the confetti changing cups with the green logo. This tumbler is the same as the other confetti cup and the confetti changes to multi-colored once cold liquid is added. The only difference is the logo color. I added the green lid and straw to match the green logo. 

confetti cup with green lid

Green Cup

The green cup changes to dark blue when cold liquid is added. This color change was the most dramatic and happened the fastest. The dark blue color is very noticeable and I really like the green and navy blue color combination. I added the blue lid and straw to match the blue hue of the cup. 

green cup with blue lid

Orange Cup

Here is the orange tumbler. It changes to red really quickly after adding in cold water. I used the red lid and straw to match the red hue of the cup. This one was also a dramatic and quick color change. 

orange cup with red lid

Pro Tip: You do have to press down a bit hard to put the lids on. Make sure that the lid is completely snapped down, you will feel it snap into place. 

Also, I previously had purchased some of the TAL Color Changing Cups from Walmart and everytime that they fell over the lid would just snap off and my cup would spill everywhere. I was a bit worried that thes might do the same, so I did a little test to see how they held up. 

I took the Manna Color Changing Tumblers full of water, made sure the lids were secured, and tipped them over a few times. Surprisingly, the lids didn’t pop off and the cups didn’t spill. I feel like these Costco ones are much better quality and I am hoping that the lids will stay in place better than the Walmart ones. 

Final Thoughts

The Manna Cups at Costco are a great buy if you are looking for color changing cups. They hold up to 24oz and come with the matching lids and straws. They seem to be high quality for a very affordable price. 

cups after they changed colors

I love that these cups are BPA and Lead Free and that they are just so fun and pretty. They are also very convenient for bringing ice water with you on the go, and they fit in my car cup holder perfectly. 

I don’t love that you can’t put them in the dishwasher, and that you have to hand wash them. I think that these cups would be a perfect for personal use, or to buy a few packs in bulk. 

It would be a great idea to customize the sides with decals, or fill them up with goodies and a gift card to give as a fun birthday or holiday gift. I won’t personally need all 12 cups so I plan on using 6 for personal use, and then saving the rest. If you have been thinking about purchasing these Mana Cups I would definitely recommend them. 

They are perfect for summertime, kids love them, and they are just more fun than drinking from basic tumblers. I can’t wait to use mine more.

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