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Costco is Selling Large Fruit Trees for Just $23.99!

If you are looking for some fruit trees then you might want to check out your local Costco. You might just be interested in grabbing some of these Costco Fruit Trees

I found these in the middle of the store near the other seasonal / spring items. These fruit trees are a great deal for just $23.99 each. 

Here is everything that you need to know.

fruit trees at costco

Costco Fruit Trees

  • Costco item number 85761
  • 13.6 L 
  • Assorted Varieties
  • Zones 8,9, 12-14
  • Full sun & bright light
  • Best in well drained soil
  • Evergreen 
  • Non GMO
citrus tree price sign $23.99

The fruit trees at Costco are only sold seasonally. They are normally in stock around the middle of april when Costco starts stocking their other spring and summer items. 

These fruit trees are actually very big. I would say that they were about three feet tall. 

lemon tree costco

My local Costco (Northern California) had lemon, mandarin, lime, blood orange, and navel orange in stock. 

Depending on the region you’re located in, your Costco may have different varieties. 

Each Costco stocks the fruit trees that will grow best in your local region. 

I have heard of some areas also carrying peach, pear, apple, cherry and pomegranate. 

Meyer Lemon 

Meyer Lemon trees are actually a hybrid between a mandarin orange and lemon. This makes them a bit sweeter than regular lemons. 

Lemon trees are a great low maintenance tree and lemons can be used for so many things. 

lemon tree tag

Mandarin (Owari Satsuma)

Who doesn’t love mandarin oranges! I know that we are always buying bags of mandarin oranges at our house. 

How nice would it be to have a mandarin orange tree. This type of mandarin orange is easy-to-peel, seedless, and ripen early. 

mandarin tree tag

Thornless Mexican Lime

They also had this thornless Mexican lime option. This one is sometimes called the bartender’s lime. 

They normally ripen from July to December. A lime tree would be perfect for adding to your drinks. 

Since this one is thornless, you won’t have to worry about getting cut! 

lime tree at costco

Moro Blood Orange

These types of oranges are different from regular oranges because the inside of the fruit is red.

They normally bloom in spring and have a sweeter taste than a regular orange. 

blood orange tag

Washington Navel Orange

My Costco also had this Navel Orange variety. This is the traditional orange that we all love. 

The best thing about this variety is that it’s easier to grow than other orange trees. 

They normally bloom in the spring and the fruit develops into the summer and fall. 

naval orange tag

Final Thoughts

The Costco fruit trees were all in very good condition. They all looked so healthy and had nice bright green shiny leaves. 

They were not just small little trees, they were actually fairly big. For just $23.99 I think that these citrus trees are a great deal. 

If you are looking for some fruit trees then you should check out your local Costco. 

Just make sure that you shop early because these will probably sell out fast.