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Costco is Selling a Gingerbread House Kit That is a Mansion!

This is not like your regular gingerbread house. This Costco Gingerbread house kit is actually a mansion! 

gingerbread mansion kit in costco

I am not surprised because everything is bigger at Costco, so If you want an entire mansion for your gingerbread house decorating traditions then make sure you grab one of these kits.

This kit is made by Create-A-Treat and this is the largest prebuilt house that they sell. It comes with everything that you need to decorate your mansion. 

display of gingerbread house kits at costco

I found these gingerbread house kits in the center aisles near the other holiday candies and treats. These look like they would be so much fun to build. 

They even had one that was prebuilt and was on display right there in Costco. 

fully decorated gingerbread mansion in costco

The Create-A-Treat Gingerbread Mansion is $11.99 USD and the box is filled with over 3 pounds of what you need to make your own gingerbread mansion (Item number 1534170)

price sign for costco gingerbread house kit $11.99

One thing that is great about the Gingerbread House Kit is that it actually comes in the box already pre-built.

The four walls and the roof are already put together when you pull the mansion out of the box. All you have to do is put on a few roof gables, a small tree, and decorate the outside.

I love that it comes pre-built. This means that you can spend less time having to build it and more time doing the decorating (the fun part!). 

Here is a photo that shows the instructions on how to build the Costco Gingerbread Mansion. There is also a QR code and instructions for accessing a video on how to build and decorate it. 

instructions on back of box for building the gingerbread house kit

This kit contains over one pound of candy and icing! Here is a list of all the candy and icing that is included in the Gingerbread Mansion Box. 

  • Bag of pre-made white icing with decorating tip
  • Green and red icing writers
  • Christmas holly mix candies
  • Christmas Quins candies
  • Pinwheel candies 
  • Gummy stars
  • Mini jellies
  • Gummy trees
photo of back of box showing all things included in the kit

Decorating gingerbread houses is a holiday tradition. This year you can make your memories a little extra special by decorating an entire mansion! 

This Costco Gingerbread House kit is a great deal for only $11.99 and it would be a fun thing for the entire family to decorate together.