Costco Kingsford Utility Lighters Review

These Costco Kingsford Utility Lighters come in a pack of five which is perfect for using a few, and keeping some extras around the house. 

There is nothing worse than looking everywhere when you need a lighter. I always like to have at least a few at my house for lighting candles and the BBQ. 

packs of Kingsford utility lighters on display at costco

For the last couple weeks I have actually been looking for some new lighters for my candles. I even checked a few other stores and they were all out of stock. 

When I spotted this pack of lighters at Costco for less than $6, I knew I needed to buy them! Normally I buy the actual candle lighters, but I figured that these would work too. 

costco Kingsford utility lighters revew

Costco Kingsford Utility Lighters 

Here is more information about this pack of lighters:

  • Costco Item number 869870
  • $5.69 USD
  • Pack includes a total of 5 utility lighters
  • 3 Standard utility lighters
  • 2 Flexible wind resistant utility lighters
  • Disposable butane lighters
  • Child safety locks
  • Visible fuel supply window
price sign $5.69 for the pack of lighters

What is Included 

The Costco Kingsford Utility Lighter pack has a total of 5 butane lighters. There are 3 standard utility lighters and two wind resistant flame lighters with a flexible head. 

Included is a green, blue and orange standard lighter, and two red flame resistant ones that are flexible. 

lighters out of package and on table

Each of the utility lighters has a clear plastic see-through window to see how much fuel is in the cell. The lighters also all have child safety locks. 

clear see through fuel window on side of lighter

What I Loved

I really loved that you get 5 lighters in the pack for only $5.69. For just over a dollar a piece I think that this pack of lighters is a great deal. 

I have purchased similar packs in the past at other stores and they are normally around $5 for just two lighters. 

flame of the lighter

What I Didn’t Love

When I had originally grabbed this pack of lighters I thought that they were all just standard lighters. 

I didn’t realize that two of them were wind resistant ones. 

close up to the wind resistant lighters in the package

While I just prefer the standard ones because I use them mostly for lighting my candles, if you are someone that uses or prefers wind resistant lighters, then this would be a good thing. 

the lighter next to a burning candle

Another thing that I didn’t really love was that the lighters were not that comfortable to hold and they felt a little bit cheap. 

While this might just be because I am used to the ones that I normally buy, this doesn’t affect how they work at all. They all worked really great! 

Here are the instructions shown on the back of the Kingsford Utility Lighters package.

directions for the Kingsford utility lighters
directions for the utility lighters

Final Thoughts

While these aren’t my favorite lighters that I have purchased, I think that these are a really great deal for the price. 

I also think that it is convenient to have a large pack like this, so that you can have extra lighters on hand when you need them!

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