Costco Pizza Rolls (So Easy to Cook in The Air Fryer!)

My kids love anything pizza! So when I spotted these Costco pizza rolls I knew that I needed to try them. 

We also love to get the fried pizza snacks from the grocery store deli and I was hoping that these would taste similar. Lucky for us they did! 

This was our first time trying Totino’s Pepperoni Pizza Rolls. Keep reading to learn more about the pizza rolls at Costco. 

Costco Pizza Rolls 

Here is more information about the Totino’s Pepperoni Pizza Rolls:

  • Costco item number 1150485
  • $9.49 USD (I purchased mine on sale for $6.69)
  • Box includes 2 bags with a total of 160 pizza rolls

I found the pizza rolls in the frozen foods section near the other frozen meals and snacks. 

Inside The Box

Inside the box the frozen pizza rolls are separated into two bags. There are a total of 160 pizza rolls in the entire box. 

bags inside the box

I really liked that each of the bags have the cooking instructions printed on them. This is nice so that if you decide to throw the large box away you still have the instructions. 

bag of pizza rolls

Cooking Instructions 

The box gives cooking instructions for cooking the pizza rolls in the oven, toaster oven, microwave or air fryer. 

cooking instructions for pizza rolls

The fastest way to cook the pizza rolls in the microwave. The oven takes the longest, but is great for cooking large batches, and if you want the rolls to be crispy then you should cook them in an air fryer. 

I wanted mine crispy so I decided to cook them in the air fryer. 

Cooking Pizza Rolls in The Air Fryer

To cook the pizza rolls I followed the air fryer instructions. It states to place 25 rolls in the bottom of the basket. 

I didn’t actually count them, but just dumped some in until it filled the bottom of the fryer basket. 

frozen pizza rolls in air fryer

Then, I set my air fryer to 390 degrees and cooked for 4 minutes. After cooking for 4 minutes I shook the pizza rolls around and let them cook for another 4 minutes. 

cooked pizza rolls in air fryer

On the instructions it also says to let the rolls stand for about two minutes because the filling will be very hot. 

I actually ended up letting them stand for more like 5 minutes because they were just too hot still after only 2 minutes. 

cooked pizza rolls on plate

Nutrition Information

Here is the full nutrition information for the Totino’s pizza rolls.

pizza roll nutrition information


I actually really liked the pizza rolls. My kids also loved them! They were crispy on the outside and you could taste the sauce, cheese and a pepperoni taste in the filling. 

holding up a pizza roll

To me, they tasted just like the deli pizza sticks that you buy from the hot containers. 

I really liked the crispy outside crust, but I did feel like there was not enough filling in the center. 

While I would have preferred more filling, they were still very good. 

filling inside pizza roll

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a quick and easy snack then the Costco Pizza Rolls are worth a try. 

I also thought that they were priced great at only $9.49 for two large bags. I can’t wait to have some more. 

These would make a great afternoon snack. If you love pizza rolls, then I definitely suggest that you try these ones.

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