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Costco Splash Pad (H2O GO Underwater Adventure)

This HUGE 11-foot Costco Splash Pad is the perfect way for the kids to cool off this summer! 

It is a sprinkler and shallow wading pool in one. This thing is easy to set up and the kids will love it. 

Costco actually sells these splash pads every year when they stock their summer items. These things also sell out fast. 

Here is everything that you need to know. 

costco splash pad

I found these splash pads in the center of the store where they stock the seasonal items. They were next to the other pools and beach towels. 

Costco Splash Pad

Here is more information about the splash pad:

  • Costco item number 2622031
  • $26.99 USD (was on sale for $19.99)
  • Made by Bestway
  • 11 Foot 
  • Ages 2+
  • Connects to hose. 

When I spotted the box for this splash pad, I didn’t think that it would be so large. Then I noticed one out of the box up on display and it was huge. 

This splash pad is perfect for the whole family because there is room for everyone. 

It easily attaches to a hose, then you turn on the water and it inflates the inflatable rim that surrounds that pad to create a shallow splash pool with sprinklers around the outside edge. 

Kids can keep cool by splashing in the wading pool or standing by the sprinklers. 

It also has some fun ocean themed graphics that cover the bottom of the splash pool. 

This is the perfect and easy way for moms to keep their kids cool this summer. 

Not only is it large enough for many kids, it’s so easy to sit up and take down.

Much easier than a large inflatable pool. 

Sometimes it is easier to see how something works before purchasing it.

Here is a video that I found that demonstrates a family unboxing and using the splash pad.

Final Thoughts

The Costco Splash Pad might be just what you need this summer. Like everything else at Costco this thing is huge, and it’s a great deal. 

For just $26.99 you could have an easy and fun way to keep the kids cool all summer long.

It also seems like they run a sale every year in May where you can get it for even cheaper. 

When I found this one it was on sale for $19.99. 

Also, if you do spot some of these in store, make sure that you purchase them soon, as they sell out fast.

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