Frozen Tropicland Costco Sweet Potato Fries Review

These Sweet Potato Fries from Costco are a popular alternative to regular frozen fries. I have actually never seen regular frozen french fries at Costco. When I spotted these, I figured that I would try them out. 

This was my first time trying frozen sweet potato fries. I had made them before, but it was from fresh sweet potatoes and they didn’t really turn out that great.  

I figured that these frozen ones would be much easier than making them from fresh sweet potatoes. Here is everything that you need to know. 

Costco Frozen Sweet Potato Fries

  • Costco item number 1508719
  • $10.39 USD
  • 4 pound bag. 
  • Organic, vegan & gluten free. 
  • Made by Tropicland

I found these frozen sweet potato fries in the frozen section near the other frozen foods. 

Inside the Bag

The Tropicland bag of sweet potato fries is resealable and includes 4 pounds of ready to cook fries. 

inside bag of frozen fries

Cooking Instructions 

The instructions on the back for the bag for heating the fries include options for a conventional oven, a regular oven, a deep fryer, and an air fryer. 

I love using my air fryer, so I decided to use the air fryer method to cook my fries. Here is a photo of the cooking instructions for the frozen fries. 

cooking instructions

Cooking the Fries

I followed the air fryer instructions and my fries turned out perfect. I first sprayed, and then preheated my air fryer to 360 degrees. After it was up to temperature I added enough fries to cover the bottom of the air fryer basket. 

frozen fries in air fryer

I then cooked them for 15 minutes total. I did stop and shake the basket a couple times while they were cooked just to be sure that they cooked evenly. 

After 15 minutes they were perfect. I probably could have even cooked them for about a minute more to get them a bit more crispy. 

cooked fries in air fryer


While I am not the biggest fan of sweet potato fries, I thought that they tasted good. They were sweet just like you would expect of a sweet potato fry. 

I liked that they were all about the same size and thickness so they all cooked pretty evenly. While they all were cooked, some of the fries were a bit more crispy. 

The crispy fries tasted much better than the ones that were not cooked as much. Next time I cook them I am going to leave them in for a minute or two longer to make sure they all get crispy. 

Overall I thought that the fries were good. They don’t come seasoned, so you might want to add a bit of salt on them, or eat them with some dipping sauce. 

costco sweet potato fries on plate


The suggested serving size is 15 pieces which has about 140 calories. Here is a photo of the full nutritional information from the bag. 

nutrition facts

Final Thoughts 

While I am definitely not the biggest sweet potato fan, but I have to say that these sweet potato fries were good. 

Cooking sweet potato fries from this frozen bag is much easier than making them from fresh sweet potatoes. If you are looking for some frozen sweet potato fries then I would suggest you try this bag from Costco. 

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