Costco Fresh Cherries Review

I spotted these fresh cherries at Costco on my last visit and they looked too good to pass up. In my house we love cherries. So when summer gets closer and cherry season arrives, I am always trying to find good and affordable cherries to keep in the house for the kids to snack on. 

Normally I will buy local cherries from the fresh fruit stands around my town, but sometimes, I will just grab some at the grocery store when I am short on time. You just have to be very careful about where you purchase cherries. At some stores, they are so expensive, and then they don’t even taste good. 

Not these Cherries! These were perfectly fresh, ripe and tasted delicious. Here is what you need to know. 


  • Costco item number 2534
  • $10.99 USD for a 2 pound container.
  • Fresh red cherries. 


The cost of the 2 pound package is $10.99 USD. This is about $5.49 USD per pound. Prices of cherries are generally more in the very beginning and end of the season. 

During the middle of the season when there are the most cherries available, prices will be at their lowest. An average price for cherries is about $3.99-5.99 per pound. When I found these fresh cherries for ($5.49 / pound) at my local store, they were about 50 cents cheaper than the current prices in other stores. 

I also liked that Costco just sells these pre-weighed 2 pound packages for one price. This is convenient because you don’t have to actually weigh the cherries to know the price. 

Cherry season begins in early May and lasts until late August. Costco starts stocking cherries in the beginning to middle of May. Depending on the availability of cherries, you will normally find them for sale throughout the cherry season.

At different times during the season they stocks Bing Cherries or Rainier Cherries. I found fresh California Cherries at my local store. This makes sense because I live in California. 

California and Washington state produce a ton of Cherries, so many Costco’s probably sell cherries from these states. The specific cherries that you will find at your local store will depend on your specific location and the nearest cherry distributor that your store buys from. 

pack of cherries

How do they taste? 

These sweet red California Cherries were delicious! I am very picky when it comes to picking out fresh fruit.I always look on the bottom of the packages to see if any berries or fruit are smashed or starting to go bad. 

None of these cherries were smashed or going bad at all. They were all in perfect condition even the ones at the bottom of the container. 

red cherries

In addition to being in great condition, they were perfectly ripe and very fresh.The cherries tasted sweet, full of flavor, and juicy. They were actually so good that my family ate the entire pack in just a few days. 

fresh cherries

Final Thoughts 

Overall, I think that the fresh Cherries taste delicious and are a great deal. Cherries are a must have snack for summer. I know that I will be purchasing these from Costco many more times before the summer is over. 

I also love that these cherries come in plastic containers rather than the bags that you find at other stores. Many times cherries packed in bags will be dented and smashed, as the bags don’t offer much protection while being packaged and transported. 

If you are wanting to buy some delicious cherries then I would definitely recommend that you try these.

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