Kirkland Signature Frozen Costco Hamburger Patties Review

Making your own hamburger patties can be a pain! The Costco hamburger patties taste great and you get perfectly sized patties instantly. 

When making hamburgers, I typically make our own patties if I have the time. Sometimes, if I am cooking for a crowd, there just isn’t enough time to make them all by hand. 

The Kirkland Signature frozen hamburger patties are perfect for these occasions, or if you are just short on time. 

Costco Hamburger Patties

  • Costco item number 1322063
  • $24.99 USD per pack.
  • Pack includes 18 frozen patties (⅓ lb)
  • Made with 100% fresh beef.
  • 75% lean / 25% fat. 
  • Angus Beef. 

I found these frozen hamburger patties in the freezer section. Costco actually has a few different options in the frozen section for patties. 

Here are the different kinds that they sell under the Kirkland Signature brand. 

  • Ground Sirloin Beef Patties (85% lean / 15% fat)
  • 100% Grass-Fed Beef Patties (80% lean / 20% fat)
  • Angus Ground Chuck and Beef Patties (75% lean / 25% fat) 
  • Ground Beef Patties (75% lean / 25% fat)

The ones that I purchased for this review, and my favorite tasting patties are the Kirkland Signature Angus Ground Chuck and Beef Patties. They are made with 100% fresh beef and are 75% lean / 25% fat. 

The Kirkland Signature pack of frozen hamburger patties includes a total of 18 patties that are each ⅓ pounds. 

How to Cook

The frozen Costco beef patties are best if cooked frozen. They can be cooked on a grill, in the oven, or on the stovetop. They should be pre-seasoned, and then cooked (flipping every 5 minutes) until the internal temperature reaches160 degrees fahrenheit. 

side of bag showing to cook to 160 degrees farenheight


One serving size is equal to one hamburger pattie and has 440 calories, 38g of fat, 14g of saturated fat, 115 mg of cholesterol, and 100 mg of sodium. Here is a photo of the nutritional information from the bag. 

nutritional information on package

Cooking the Patties 

I cooked my hamburger patties while they were still frozen. All patties come with paper in between each one, so that they are very easy to separate. 

frozen patties from the side

I first removed the paper separators and then pre-seasoned both sides of the patties with McCormick’s steak seasoning (you can use whatever kind you like). I then placed them onto a preheated bbq on high heat and cooked them with the lid closed. 

frozen hamburger patties on bbq

I flipped them about every 5 minutes to make sure that they cooked evenly. It took about 15-20 minutes to finish cooking the patties. After they were cooked to temperature I added cheese to let it melt. Once the cheese was melted I removed the patties from the grill. 

cooked hamburger pattie


The frozen Angus Ground Chuck and Beef patties from Costco are my favorite tasting frozen patties. 

You might expect a frozen beef pattie to not taste very fresh, but honestly I think these ones taste just as good as fresh ground beef that you would buy from the store. They are not hard at all and they are very flavorful. I like that they are all the same size and thickness. 

hamburger with cheese and bun

Final Thoughts 

I really like the frozen Kirkland Angus Beef Hamburger Patties. Not only do they taste great, they are super convenient as they come pre packed and ready to cook. 

I love that they have the same thickness and size. I also think that a pack of these frozen hamburgers make cooking for a crowd much easier than making your own patties by hand. 

They are also a great deal for just $24.99 for a pack of 18. This comes out to $1.39 per pattie. If you are looking for some easy to make frozen hamburger patties, I would recommend that you try these ones.

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