Costco Organic Granny Smith Bare Apple Chips Review

I have walked past the Bare Apple Chips more times than I can count. I always thought that they looked so good, but never actually tried them. Well, last time I was at Costco I just had to grab some. While they weren’t what I was expecting, I thought that they were very good. 

bare apple chips at costco


  • Costco Item number 1563524
  • $5.99 USD (Normally $7.99 but they were on sale)
  • I found them in the center of the store toward the back
  • 11 ounces
  • Organic
  • Non-Gmo verified
  • Made with Granny Smith green apples
  • Gluten Free
  • Fat Free
  • No preservatives
  • Baked, never fried
  • No added sugar

On the display boxes in store it said that these apple chips are picked, sliced, and baked. It also said that they are crave-ably crunchy. 

I have to agree that they are crunchy. I was expecting them to be like soft dried apples for some reason. They were not soft at all. They definitely had a crunch when I bit into them just like biting into a potato chip. 

What I loved 

I really like that the bag includes a resealable zip-lock liner that is built in. This makes resealing and keeping the apple chips fresh so much simpler. 

inside the bag of apple chips

I also love that the apples were crunchy. Just like chips, you can grab a handful and snack on them. Even when holding them in your bare hands, they don’t make your hands feel sticky afterwards. 

I also loved that they were made out of green apples. I personally prefer the taste of green apples. Just a little bit of sour and sweet. If you don’t like the taste of green apples, you probably won’t like these. 

apple chips close up

There are different flavors available, such as apples chips made with fuji red apples, cinnamon apple chips, banana chips, coconut chips and many other flavors that the company makes. While all these flavors are not sold at Costco I would love to try some of the other ones too. 

I really like that these apple chips are also certified organic, free of preservatives, and that they had no added sugar. They didn’t have any added spices, they were really just green apples. You can even see the outside peel of the green apple on the chips. 

a apple chip up close

About the Bare Company

I did a little research about the Bare Snacks Company that makes the Bare Apple Chips from Costco. 

They believe that the less that you add, the more that you taste. On their website it also says that they slice real fruit and bake them up slowly for a one-of-a-kind crunch. All of their snacks are made from simple real ingredients and they think that a snack should not only taste good but be good for you. 


The Bare Apple Chips from Costco have a suggested serving size of about ⅔ cup. Each serving size contains 110 calories, 0g of fat, 0g of cholesterol, 0g of sodium, 26g of carbohydrates, 5g of fiber, 17g of sugars, 0g of added sugar and less than 1g of protein. 

nutrition label

To give you the idea of how much one serving size is I measured ⅔ cup. 

1 serving size

Here is how much one serving size is when dumped out onto a plate. I thought that this was a pretty big serving size. 

The great thing about eating these apple chips, was that they gave me the feeling of eating chips, but I actually felt fuller after snacking on just a few. When I am eating regular chips, I could eat much more and not feel full at all. 

apple chips on plate

Final Thoughts

After trying the Bare Apple Chips, the only thing that I am disappointed about is that my kids didn’t like them. I personally love them, and since the bag is a pretty good size, it should last me awhile. This is not one of the products that I will be buying all the time from Costco, but I might buy more. 

These apple chips taste just like green apples and they give you the satisfying snacking feeling that you are eating chips. Sometimes I just crave the crunchy feeling of chips, so I am going to keep this bag in my cupboard for these times. This is a great organic preservative free, whole fruit snack that doesn’t have any bad ingredients added. 

If you are looking for a nice crunchy snack with simple ingredients, I would recommend that you try these apple chips!

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