Hint Water at Costco Review (Pineapple, Watermelon, and Blackberry Flavors)

Did you know that Costco sells Hint Water? These waters have a hint of fruit added to them to make drinking water a little more flavorful!

Today I’m reviewing the variety pack of flavored Hint water which comes in pineapple, watermelon and blackberries flavors. 


  • Costco Item Number 1308750
  • $11.99 USD for 15 bottles
  • Located near the juices and other bottled drinks
  • Infuse with fruit essence & other natural flavors
  • Contains 0 calories and sweeteners 
  • Bottles are 100% Recyclable and BPA-Free
  • Non-gmo 
  • Vegan

What I loved

I like that the Hint bottles of water are a pretty good size (16 FL OZ each) and they feel pretty thick and comfortable to hold in my hand. 

The variety pack came with 15 bottles total in the following: 

  • 5 Watermelon
  • 5 Blackberry
  • 5 Pineapple
watermelon, pineapple and blackberry hint water


I was so excited to try these flavors, they looked so nice and refreshing on the package! I just thought for sure that I would love them, but after trying all three flavors I was honestly a bit disappointed. 

The Hint water does smell really good, and when you take a drink of it you can’t really taste any flavor until after you swallow it. Once you swallow the water you can definitely taste the fruity aftertaste of the flavoring. 

If I had to rate them from my most favorite to least favorite, I would say the best was Watermelon, followed by blackberry, and then pineapple. 

Watermelon Flavor

This was both my my favorite (and both my kids favorites) out of all of the flavors. 

watermelon hint water

Blackberry Flavor

I thought that the blackberry flavor was had the strongest flavor out of them all. I didn’t like this one as much as the watermelon, but it was better than the pineapple flavor. 

blackberry hint water

Pineapple Flavor

The pineapple hint water was my least favorite, and it didn’t really have a good taste to it at all. I was very surprised as I tend to love tropical and fruity tastes such as pineapple and mango. 

pineapple hint water


Here is the nutrition information:

nutrition facts

I loved that the Hint Water has no sugar, calories or artificial sweetener.You should also know that this water isn’t like a sparkling or bubbly water it contains no carbonation. I thought the the top of the cap was cute. It says “Water that makes you love water”. 

cap on the water

I actually already love water, so maybe that is why I didn’t really love the Hint water. 

What I loved

After drinking the Hint Water a few times, I would have to say that the Watermelon flavor has grown on me. I even repurchased it from Target, since they have a 8 pack of just the watermelon flavor. 

When I first tried the water I drank it cold, but I have found that I actually like drinking the water at just room temperature vs chilled. I feel that it makes the flavoring taste a bit better. 

bottle of watermelon flavored water

So if you are a person that likes to drink flavored water, you might think that this flavored Hint water tastes great. 

I think it is really a matter of personal preference. I was talking to someone else that likes HINT water and their favorite flavor was the blackberry, which was my least favorite. So you might need to try them all first to know what you really like. 

If you don’t know what flavor you like, you can actually buy the hint water flavors in single bottles at Target, so that you can try them all out. 

Like it’s name, HINT, when you do drink the water it does just have a hint of flavor in the after taste. 

package about the water

I might have been expecting it to be sweeter or have more flavor. When I was reading some reviews from others, many people did love this and used the hint water as a replacement it to break their habit of soda.

Final Thoughts

If you already like the taste of water, like I do, you might not like the Hint flavored water. If you are someone that can’t stand the taste of plain water, then you probably will like this better than just water. 

While I won’t be purchasing this variety pack again, I will buy the watermelon flavor from time to time. I would encourage anyone that loves flavored waters, or that wants to start drinking more water to try this out. 

The taste will ultimately be a matter of personal preference, and if it helps you to drink more water, then this might be the perfect product for you.

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