Costco Bom Bombs Hot Chocolate Bombs Review

Hot chocolate bombs are so fun! Kids and adults both love them. The Bom Bomb hot chocolate bombs from Costco are the perfect gift. 

When I spotted this variety pack of flavors and colors at Costco during the holidays I had to buy them for this review. I also knew that my kids would be excited to use them. There is nothing better than a hot chocolate, especially during winter. 

This was actually my first time trying hot chocolate bombs, and I had no idea what to expect for all the flavors included in this pack. There were some flavors that I loved and some that I didn’t. Here is what you need to know. 


  • Costco item number 1544934
  • $17.99 USD 
  • Includes 20 cocoa bombs. 
  • 4 gifts in one. 
  • Holiday themed packaging. 

I found these Bom Bomb Hot Chocolate Bombs on special display near the front entrance of the store. Costco was specifically selling these ones for the holidays, that is why the packaging is in Holiday colors. 

They are also designed to be 4 gifts in one. The package contains four individual tubes of hot cocoa bombs that you could gift people for the holidays.

4 packs of hot cocoa bombs

What’s Included

These holiday hot chocolate bombs have four tubes to give as gifts (or keep for yourself). Inside each of the tubes there are five different flavors. The flavors include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Salted Caramel
  • S’mores

Nutrition Information

There serving size is 1 hot cocoa bomb and contains 190 calories. Here is a photo of the full nutritional information on the package. 

nutrition facts on back of box

Hot Chocolate Bomb Instructions

The hot chocolate bombs are quick and easy to make. Here are the instructions. 

  1. Place one hot chocolate bomb inside a mug. 
  2. Pour 6 oz of boiled milk on top of bomb. 
  3. Stir well to dissolve the bomb and enjoy! 
hot chocolate bomb instructions

Making the Hot Chocolate Bombs 

To make the hot cocoa I followed the instructions. I unwrapped and placed one of the hot chocolate bombs into a coffee cup. 

hot chocolate bomb in mug

Then I boiled some milk on the stove top and poured it over the hot chocolate bomb. 

pouring hot milk into mug

The bomb didn’t actually break open after pouring the hot milk over it, so I had to use a spoon to break it apart and mix it all up. 

hot cocoa bomb in mug with milk

I also had to keep stirring and mixing it for quite awhile to get all the hard chocolate from the outside of the bomb to melt. 

hot chocolate with marshmallows


I honestly only liked the milk chocolate and smore’s flavors. They were both really good! I just didn’t really care for any of the other flavors. They were just too flavorful and too sweet for my liking. Here is what I thought of each flavor in order from my favorite to least favorite. 

Milk Chocolate

My favorite flavor was the Milk Chocolate bomb. This one was the least sweet out of all of the bombs, and had a really chocolaty taste. 

milk chocolate flavor


My second favorite was the S’mores bomb. This one was also very chocolaty but it was much sweeter than the milk chocolate. 

smore's flavor

Salted Caramel

I would have to say that my next favorite would be the salted caramel flavor. I could definitely taste the carmel, it was just overall way too strong and sweet. 

salted caramel flavor


The strawberry flavor was similar to caramel. I expected it to taste mostly like hot chocolate with just a hint of strawberry, but it was more the opposite. It also had a very strong strawberry taste, and was too sweet in my opinion. While I didn’t like this flavor, my kids really loved it. 

strawberry flavor


My least favorite would have to be the cinnamon hot chocolate bomb. I did like that this one wasn’t too sweet, but I didn’t care for the cinnamon taste as it was also too strong. 

cinnamon flavor

Final Thoughts

Overall, we had fun using the hot chocolate bombs. I do love that they had these packed into different packs for gift giving. I also was surprised that out of all of the bombs in the package, not one was broken. 

While I really enjoyed drinking the milk chocolate and smore’s flavors, I didn’t care for the other flavors. I personally won’t be purchasing more of these same flavors, but if you are someone that likes really sweet and flavored hot chocolate you might like these.

Have you tried these flavors? Let me know what your favorite was in the comments below.

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