Ordering a Costco Cake (Cake Designs + FAQ’s)

Costco has some great deals. They also have some huge sheet cakes for insanely good prices. I think we all know that they sell cakes at Costco, but knowing how to place your Costco cake order can be a bit confusing.  

While Costco does keep some cakes in stock, many times they don’t have larger sheet cakes unless you special order them. If you want to be 100% sure that you get a cake in time for your celebration, then you should order in advance. 

Since Costco doesn’t have this information on their website, It can be hard to find everything that you need to know about your cake order without going to your local store. 

To help you with ordering your Costco cake I put together this complete post on everything you need to know. It includes how to order, what sizes, designs and flavors are offered, and frequently asked questions.

Special Order Cakes at Costco

To order a cake you have to go into your local warehouse and complete a special order cake form at the cake order kiosk in the bakery department. Cake orders must be submitted 24-48 hour in advance. Costco doesn’t have options to order online or by phone. Certain locations do accept orders by fax. 

Cake Order Kiosk

When you visit your local Costco bakery department there will be a cake kiosk.

This is where you will find the currently offered designs, cake order forms, and where you will submit your order form. 

cake order kiosk

Special Order Form 

At the kiosk there will be a pen and blank cake order forms.

You can choose from a 10” round cake for $12.99 USD (serves 16 people) or a half sheet cake for $19.99 USD (serves 48 people). 

Flavor options include white cake with white icing and filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse or chocolate cake with chocolate icing and filled with chocolate mousse. 

There is also a section where you will choose your cake design.

Here are the following sections that are listed on the form for cake design options. 

  • Roses – Colors (specify rose colors)
  • Roses – All white
  • Candles 
  • Costco Bear
  • Seasonal Design (specify event) 
  • Scored 
  • Rainbow
  • Flag
  • Balloons
  • Baby Shower
  • Cross

The next section on the form is where you can include the writing that you would like on the cake. You can also write down what color you would like the writing in. 

The last section is where you will list your member information. Your name, pick up date and time. 

costco cake order form

*Also, make sure that you don’t forget to list your phone number on the top of the order form. 

It is important to include this just in case they have questions or problems with your order. 

Once you are done completing the form, you just place it in the hole on the cake order kiosk. 

costco cake order

You will also notice that there is a calendar with dates that Costco will not be open. Cakes cannot be ordered for these dates. 

These dates include major holidays such as the following: 

  • New Year’s Day 
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas 

How long does a cake order take?

They are required to be submitted 24-48 hours in advance. If you want to be sure that they make your special order cake in time, make sure you place your order a minimum of one day in advance. 

Can cakes be ordered online or by phone? 

They do not offer the option to order a cake online or by phone. With the exception of certain stores that allow fax in orders, you must visit your local warehouse to order a cake in person. 

How much do cakes cost? 

Costco sells 10” round cakes that serve about 16 people for $12.99. They also sell half sheet cakes for $19.99 that serve about 48 people.  

Cake Designs

costco cake designs

Roses – With Colors

On the roses with colors, you can specify what color roses that you would like on the cake order form. 

roses with color cake


The scored design features different colored rose buds. The scored sheet cake also has lines in frosting that make cutting the cake for a crowd quick and easy. 

scored cake


The candles design options are perfect for a birthday cake and have multi colored birthday candles and sprinkles around the outside border of the cake.

birthday candles cake

Roses – All White

The all white rose option is perfect for a small wedding or baptism. This design would actually work for many different occasions. 

all white roses cake


The balloon design features different colored balloons and has sprinkles around the outside border. 

balloons cake


The rainbow option is very pretty. It features a multi-colored rainbow with clouds and the sheet cake version also has a sun. 

rainbow cake

Baby Shower 

The Costco baby shower design has a rattle and booties. 

baby shower cake


The graduation design at Costco has a graduation hat with the year and balloons. It also has a colored border with sprinkles on the outside border of the cake. 

You can also specify school colors on the cake order form. 

graduation cake

American Flag

The American Flag design has an American flag, and also includes a blue border on the sheet cake. 

It says God Bless America, but you could also customize what you would like it to say.

american flag cake

Costco Bear

The Costco Bear design has a cute light brown bear with sprinkles around the outside edge. This would be cute for a baby shower or birthday party.

costco bear cake


The cross design has a cross decorated with blue and yellow roses. 

cross cake

Picking Up Your Cake

Your special order cake will be ready for pick up on the date and time that you specify on your order form. Special order cakes are packaged and placed in a special order cooler with each order form attached to the cakes. You can just pick up your cake right from the cooler. 

costco cake order cooler

Does they have carrot cake? 

Costco used to offer carrot sheet cakes. They currently do not have carrot cake as an option for a special order cake. They do have mini carrot cakes that they sell a few weeks before Easter. 

Do they have cakes in stock? 

Stores will sometimes have premade cakes for sale in-stock. This is very convenient because you can just buy them the same day without having to place an order. 

cakes at costco

However, you will be limited to what they have on hand. The day that I visited to take these photos they only had chocolate and white 10” round cakes. Other times that I have visited, they have had pre-made half sheet cakes for sale. 

It’s convenient to just buy a pre-made cake, but if you want to make sure that they have what you need, I would order one in advance if you are able to.  

Final Thoughts

While Costco might not have the most options to choose from, you can get a great tasting cake for half the price that you would pay at other stores. 

If you are looking for more custom cakes, filling options, and licensed character designs, you will have to order from other bakeries. However, if you are looking to feed a crowd or just get a cake that tastes great, then buying a Costco cake might be the best option for you.

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