Frozen Kirkland Signature Lasagna at Costco Review

The Kirkland Lasagna frozen Lasagna from Costco is easy to cook and tastes great! My family loves anything that involves pasta, but finding a frozen pasta dish that we like isn’t that easy. 

kirkland lasagna

I have actually tried a few different brands of frozen lasagna from other stores, so I was excited to try this one. While we don’t eat lasagna much, it’s always nice to have a frozen one in the freezer for a quick backup meal idea when life gets busy. Here is everything that you need to know. 


  • Costco item number 1321537
  • $13.99 USD for a twin pack. 
  • Includes 2 frozen 3 pound lasagnas.
  • Made with 100% choice grade ground beef chuck.
  • Vine ripened tomatoes. 
  • Mozzarella & ricotta cheese. 

I love that it comes in a twin pack of two medium sized lasanas. They were the perfect serving size for my family of four. Many frozen lasanas that I have purchased in the past are just too big, and I have way too much left over. It is also very convenient to prepare, as you just pull it out of the freezer and bake it. 

frozen kirkland lasagna

Cooking the Lasagna

The instructions are located on the tab of the insert that is on top of each lasagna. It includes instructions for cooking in a conventional (home) oven and for cooking in a microwave (1000 watts). 

cooking instructions

First I preheated the oven to 375 degrees and then cut a 2” slit in the film cover, and put on a baking sheet. Then I cooked it for 60 minutes on the middle oven rack. After 55 minutes I removed the film and let it cook for another 10 minutes to brown the cheese on top. 

After 10 minutes the cheese was perfectly browned and I removed it from the oven and let it sit for 5 minutes before serving. 

cooked lasagna


Here is a photo of the full nutritional information from the package. 

nutrition facts


The lasagna looked really good when it was done cooking. I could see seasoning and sausage sprinkles on top of the cheese. I liked that it wasn’t too saucy. Many frozen lasanas just have too much sauce, and it all just seems smashed together. 

The Kirkland one had the perfect amount of sauce and cheese. I also liked that it wasn’t all smashed together. While it tasted great, and I did like the sausage taste, it was almost a bit too spicy for me. If they had an all beef one, I think I might try that one instead. 

lasagna from costco

Final Thoughts

Even though I thought that this frozen lasagna was a bit spicy, it still had a great taste and  the perfect amount of ingredients. We don’t eat frozen lasagna too much in our house, but I would definitely purchase this again to have in the freezer for a back up meal. 

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