Costco Kirkland Chocolate Chip Granola Bars Review

We love the Kirkland Signature Soft and Chewy Granola bars at Costco. This is one of the Costco items that we have purchased many times. 

These are some of my kids favorite snacks. Of course I was happy to buy these again to take some photos and write up this review. 

granola bars at costco


  • Costco item number 1212860
  • Box includes 64 granola bars
  • $79.99 USD
  • Made with real chocolate chips
  • Whole rolled oats
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • 100 calories per bar

I found these granola bars in the snack aisle. The box includes 64 individually wrapped bars. 

close up of granola bar box

These granola bars are a little bit smaller than most other granola or cereal bars. They are almost like mini granola bars. While they are a bit small, I do like that they aren’t too big. Sometimes you just need a quick snack. They are the perfect size to throw into your kids lunch or even keep as a snack in your purse. 

granola bar individually wrapped


The Kirkland Soft & Chewy granola bars really are soft and chewy! This is one of the reasons that I love them so much. You can easily bite into them and they don’t crumble or break. The softness makes them taste great and also is nice as they don’t make a mess when eating them. 

granola bar from costco with bite out of it

The bars are made with whole rolled oats and semisweet chocolate chips. The oats always taste so good, and the semi sweet mini chocolate chips make the bars taste sweet, but not too sweet. I think that there is the perfect amount of chocolate chips to oats. 

There are not too many chocolate chips to make it feel like a chocolate bar, but there are also enough that you can really taste the crunchy chocolate chips when biting into the granola bars. 

chocolate chip granola bar on plate


Each of the bars contains 100 calories. For a quick and sweet snack this is not too bad. I think part of the reason that they only have 100 calories is that they are not very big. Here is the full nutritional information from the box. 

nutrition facts for Kirkland granola bars

Final Thoughts

I am definitely a fan of the Kirkland Signature Soft and Chewy Granola Bars. If you are looking for a great little snack, then I would recommend that you give them a try. The only thing that I don’t like about these granola bars is that I always end up eating way too many! 

If it were not for that fact, I would purchase them more often than I do. They are soft, sweet, and just really good.

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