Kirkland Signature Turkey Jerky at Costco Review

I grabbed this bag of Turkey Jerky at Costco the last time that I was there. Jerky is one of my favorite snacks so I love to keep some in the house. While I love Jerky, it can be hard to find some that taste good and is not too expensive.

Kirkland has some great products, and this large bag of turkey jerky seemed like a great deal, so I figured I would try it out.

Costco Turkey Jerky

  • Costco item number 1259073
  • $13.99 USD
  • 12.5 Ounce bag
  • Turkey raised without antibiotics
  • 97% fat-free
  • Breast meat only
  • Gluten-free

I found the bag of Turkey Jerky on an endcap display near the other Jerky located in the snack aisle.

On the back of the bag, there is some more information about Jerky. It says that the Kirkland Jerky is extremely tender, and a great snack.

It also explains how the Jerky is made. They make it using Turkey breast that is raised with no antibiotics and then it is marinated in their special blend for 24 hours.

They also state that they only use the best ingredients.

information about the turkey jerky

Inside the Bag

The Turkey Jerky comes in a large resealable bag. The bag was about halfway filled with jerky.

inside bag

I love that the Jerky comes with a zip lock lining to keep it fresh. It also states on the bag that the Jerky should be refrigerated after opening.

bag of turkey jerky


The suggested serving size is 1oz and has 80 calories. The entire bag comes with about 14 servings total.

Here is a photo of the full nutritional information.

nutrition information


I thought that the Kirkland Signature Turkey Jerky was good.

You could taste the marinate that they use, as the flavoring is a bit strong.

jerky on plate

The Jerky was also very sweet. While it was very flavorful and sweet, it was also soft and easy to chew. The jerky pieces were thick and had a good texture.

holding a piece of jerky

I love that the jerky was not at all dry and very easy to chew.

Overall, while I would have preferred that the Turkey Jerky wasn’t so sweet, it was really good. I ate the entire bag and it was the perfect low-carb snack.

Final Thoughts

It is as a great deal for $13.99. It comes in a large bag, and it tastes great. While it’s a bit high in sugar, it’s a great high protein and low carb snack.

I enjoyed it and will buy it again. If you are wanting to try this Kirkland Turkey Jerky, I would recommend it.

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