Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars From Costco Review

These are not your ordinary fig bars! The Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars at Costco are so good. They are sweet, but not too sweet and taste delicious. 

There are some things that I don’t buy at Costco because I don’t want too much of a certain item, these fig bars are NOT one of them! I have purchased these fig bars so many times, and we always finish the box. 

My kids are very picky eaters, and I am always trying to find healthy-ish snacks for them for their lunches, and these are their all time favorite. 

Fig Bars From Costco

  • Costco Item Number 1231199
  • They are found in the snack aisle 
  • $10.99 USD
  • Box includes 36 packages (each package has 2 fig bars)
  • Made with real fruit and whole grains.
  • Plant based
  • No high fructose corn syrup

The fig bars at Costco are located in the food aisles where the other pre-packaged snacks are.

about nature's bakery on back of box

Fig bar Variety pack

The fig bar variety pack at Costco includes 12 twin packs of the Original Fig Raspberry, and Blueberry flavors. I have tried them all many times, and would have to say that my favorite is the Raspberry, followed by the Blueberry, and then the Original Fig. 

original, raspberry, and blueberry fig bars

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the flavors (and so do my kids!) but this is how I would rate them if I had too. The variety pack includes 36 individually wrapped twin packs. 

I love that they are individually wrapped in sets of 2 fig bars, because 2 bars is the perfect snack size and it is easy to grab and go, or throw it into a lunch. 

an opened pack of fig bars

What I love

I would have to say I love everything about these fig bars (except the calories). They are convenient, taste so good, and I really like that they are made with healthy ingredients in mind. The only other fig bars that I have tried are the Fig Newton brand (years ago) and these Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars are so much better. 

First of all the filling tastes so good (all of the flavors) and it is very soft and easy to chew. The outside crust around the filling is so soft and flaky and isn’t dried out at all. 

inside of fig bar broke open on plate

Raspberry Fig Bar

Whenever I buy a box of these Fig bars from Costco, the first flavor to go is always the raspberry! The raspberry filling tastes just like raspberry, and I love that it is not too sweet. 

raspberry flavor

Blueberry Fig Bar

The Blueberry Fig Bar comes in 2nd as a close tie with the raspberry flavor. It is also not too sweet and has just the right flavor of blueberry. Not too much, but just the right amount so that you get a bit of a blueberry taste. 

blueberry flavor

Original Fig Bar

The Original Fig flavor is also very good! This is the flavor that started them all. While we always end up eating these ones last, they are just as good. I would even still buy these fig bars if they just came in the original flavor. 

original flavor


Here is the nutrition information for the three flavors of fig bars. All the nutritional information below is based off one serving size (1 package). 

Fig Bar Flavor:

original fig nutrition

Raspberry Flavor:

raspberry fig nutrition

Blueberry Flavor:

blueberry fig nutrition

Final Thoughts

The Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars from Costco are a staple item that I purchase over and over again. I love them, my kids love them, they are affordable and I really like that they don’t have a bunch of bad ingredients. If you are looking for a great tasting whole grain snack then I think that you will love these fig bars!

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