Costco Frozen Outshine Fruit Bars Review

Costco has some of the best deals on ice cream! When I noticed these Outshine Fruit Bars at Costco were on sale I knew I had to try them. This was our first time trying the Outshine Fruit Bars so we had no idea what to expect. 

Since summer is coming soon, I have been wanting to find some good popsicles. I am happy to say that these fruit bars are really good.My kids and I loved them, and I do think that we would purchase them again. 

outshine fruit bars from costco


  • Costco item number 1404798
  • $9.99 USD (I purchased on sale for $6.49) 
  • Variety pack of 24 bars
  • Strawberry, Mango, Grape, and Tangerine Flavors
  • Made with real fruit juice
  • Non GMO ingredients
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Gluten and Fat Free

Inside the Box

The outshine fruit bars at Costco come in a large box. Inside the large box there are four smaller boxes of different flavored bars. 

inside fruit bar box

Each box includes 6 fruit bars (24 bars total). The flavors included are strawberry, mango, grape and tangerine. 

tangerine, mango, grape and strawberry flavored boxes

About the Outshine Fruit Bars

There is a little bit of information about the Outshine brand. On the side of the box it says “Get ready to Snack Brighter” and it compares biting into the fruit bars like biting into a fresh piece of fruit. 

The fruit bars are made with real fruit or fruit juice. I like that they don’t have high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors or flavors. They are also fat free, No GMO and gluten free. 

information on side of box about outshine fruit bars

Nutrition Information 

On the side of the box it shows the nutrition information for each of the fruit bar flavors. They all have 120 calories per serving except the mango flavor which has 140 calories per serving. 

I was also surprised that the suggested serving size is two bars. The bars are actually a very good size and I would say that 1 bar would be more like a serving size. 

Since the calories listed are for two bars each of the fruit bars would actually only have 60 calories except for the mango that would have 70. This isn’t too bad as the bars were actually quite filling. 

fruit bar nutrition facts


I am happy to say that the outshine fruit bars are very good! My kids and I tasted them all and we love all the flavors. They were all delicious and refreshing! 

I was also surprised that they really did taste like actual fruit. Many fruit bars have a strong artificial taste, but I felt that these don’t taste like that at all. They also had a great texture and were easy to eat without falling off the stick. 

Some fruit bars that are made of juice have a very hard texture which makes them have an almost icy texture that causes them to fall off the stick easily. These Outshine bars were not like that at all. They were so easy to bite into and had more of a sorbet style soft and creamy texture. 

These are seriously just so good! While I loved all the flavors, if I had to rate my most favorite to least favorite I would say that it would be Mango (I love anything mango), strawberry, grape, and tangerine. 

four outshine fruit bars on plate


Since I am obsessed with anything with mango flavor I actually expected this one to be my favorite and I was right. This was also my son’s favorite one. It really does taste like you are eating frozen mango. The mango flavoring is just perfect. It doesn’t taste too overwhelming or artificial, it just tastes like mango! 

mango fruit bar


The strawberry one was my next favorite. The strawberry bar is the only fruit bar that also has small chunks of fruit in it. The strawberry flavor is just perfect and the added feeling of a few strawberry seeds and little chunks of fruit make it taste that much better. 

strawberry fruit bar


I am not a person that loves grape flavored anything. I figured that for sure no one in my house would even want to eat the grape flavor. After tasting it I was very surprised that it was actually really good. I expected it to taste like grape juice. Instead, it had just a very slight grape flavoring to it and didn’t taste strong at all.I really enjoyed it and was surprised that my daughter said that the grape was her favorite. 

grape fruit bar


Just because the Tangerine is my least favorite of the four flavors doesn’t mean that it isn’t good! It is really good. 

I would say that out of all the flavors that this one has the strongest flavoring. It literally tasted just like biting into a cold tangerine. I thought that it was very good and also so refreshing. 

tangerine fruit bar

Final Thoughts

Honestly I didn’t have the highest expectations for the Outshine Fruit Bars. Since they were on sale I figured why not try them out. Instead of being disappointed like I expected, I think I have now found one of our new favorite refreshing treats. 

I will definitely be stocking up on these for the hot summer days. Even paying the normal price of $9.99 is still a great deal since you get four boxes. 

We loved all the flavors, they have the perfect texture, and they really do feel like you are biting into fresh fruit. Another plus is that each of the bars are fairly low calorie treats since they are only about 60-70 calories per fruit bar. 

I have to say that this Costco find surprised me. If you are looking for a great summer treat then I would definitely recommend that you try these out.

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