Costco Pure Protein Bars Review

The Pure Protein Bars from Costco are some of my favorites. Especially the Chocolate Deluxe flavor!

I always like to keep protein bars on hand, so I have purchased these in the past. I think they are some of the best tasting protein bars I have come across. 

While I have purchased them a few times, I have never done a review, so today I will go over everything that you need to know about these protein bars. 

costco pure protein bars


  • Costco Items Number 1508436
  • $19.99 USD per Box
  • Box includes 23 bars
  • Found in the near the other prepackaged snacks.
  • High in protein
  • Gluten Free

The box contains 23 protein bars total in 3 different flavors. There are 10 chocolate peanut butter, 6 chocolate deluxe, and 7 chewy chocolate chip. 

deluxe, peanut butter, and chewy chocolate chip flavors

They are all wrapped individually, making it super easy to just grab a bar on the go. The box that they come in also has a tear back cardboard piece so that you can open it from the top, sit it in your cupboard and easily see what flavor you are grabbing. 

pure protein bars in box


The chocolate deluxe flavor is one of my all time favorite tasting protein bars. I don’t really love protein bars, but eat them to get my macros in. When I am eating the chocolate deluxe flavor, it almost tastes like a chocolate bar with a brownie inside. It is not too sweet, and the texture is just right. I look forward to the chocolate deluxe flavor. 

chocolate deluxe flavor protein bar

I also enjoy the chewy chocolate chip flavor. This one is nice and chocolaty and a bit more of a crunch texture when you are biting into it. It is not as chocolatey, but I love the chocolate chips that are inside. 

chewy chocolate chip protein bar flavor

The chocolate peanut butter is my least favorite. I like the chocolate coating on the outside, but don’t enjoy the peanut butter taste on the inside. The inside of this flavor also has more of a crunch when you bite into it. 

chocolate peanut better protein bar flavor


It states on the box, that for best results adults should drink 8 fl. ounces of water or other liquid with the bar. I actually just noticed this while taking photos for this review. I find that I am always thirsty after eating these protein bars, so I always follow them up with nice cold glass of water. 


Each of the different flavors have their own nutrition facts. The suggested serving size is one bar. Here is the nutrition label from the box. 

pure protein bar nutrition label

In terms of the best nutrition value the Chocolate Deluxe flavor is the winner. It has 20 less calories per bar, the lowest amount of fat, about 100mg less in sodium, and also has 1g more in protein. It is also important to note that the ingredients contain a protein blend which includes Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Isolate.

Final Thoughts

The Pure Protein Bars from Costco are a great value in terms of cost, and also taste great. 

chocolate covered protein bar

The only thing that I don’t personally love is the chocolate peanut butter flavor. I absolutely love the chocolate deluxe flavor, but it is disappointing that the box only includes 6 of the chocolate deluxe bars. 

If I am just purchasing protein bars for myself, I will buy the 12 count boxes of the chocolate deluxe flavor from Target. While they cost more per bar, I love getting my favorite flavor. 

I only wish that Costco sold a full box of this flavor. If they did, I would definitely be purchasing them on a regular basis. 

I do think that many other people also enjoy the chocolate deluxe as they seem to always sell out faster than the other flavors when trying to find them at other stores or online. I will sometimes find them at my local Target and they cost about $13.39 for a box of 12. 

If you are looking for a great protein bar to add more protein into your day, and also satisfy your sweet tooth, I would highly recommend that you try these.

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