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Rubberific Brickface Rubber Landscape Edging at Costco 

The rubber landscape edging at Costco is perfect for getting your yard in shape this spring. 

Costco has so many great seasonal deals on things for landscaping your yard. 

If you are looking for some rubber landscape edging then this might be just what you are looking for. 

rubber landscape edging at costco

I found these packs of edging in the seasonal section near the center of the store. 

Every year around February Costco starts selling gardening and spring items, and you can score some really great deals.

rubberific landscape edging

Rubber Landscape Edging at Costco 

Here is more information about the Rubberific Brickface landscape edging:

  • Costco Item number 1002487
  • $14.99 for a twin pack
  • 4 Foot long. 
  • Recycled rubber edging.
  • Sturdy and flexible.
  • U-edging provides a mower guide. 
  • Made in the USA.
  • Classic brickface design. 
price sign at costco $14.99

What is Included

Each pack of rubber landscape edging at Costco included two 4 foot long sections. The rubber edging is made from recycled rubber and has a U-shaped edge to make mowing easier. 

label that says 4ft lengths in brown

The U-shaped edge is designed to eliminate the need to use a trimmer around the edging, and instead you can just use your lawn mower. 

Here is a photo of the side of the package, you can see the shape of each of the landscape strips. 

side of edging

The edging is a dark brown finish and has a classic brickface design. The brickface design helps to give your project a sophisticated and professional look. 

I really like the look of the brick. It’s much nicer than just the plain flat edging. Here is a close up photo of the brick design. 

brick design on rubber landscape edging at costco

It also includes all hardware needed for installation. The landscape edging is made from 100% recycled rubber so it will not freeze or crack. 

It is also sturdy and flexible, so that you can use it for a curved or straight design. 

These are perfect for easily creating flower beds and containing your garden to give your landscape a more finished look. 

Installing the Rubberific edging 

I didn’t actually purchase this landscape edging from Costco, so I can’t say exactly how to install it or what is all included in this package. 

I did, however, do some research on installing this type of landscape edging and it seems to be very simple to install. 

Here is a very helpful video that explains how to install a similar style of edging. 

Since it says on the package that all hardware is included for installation, it probably includes stakes to secure the edging and connectors for connecting each section. 

This rubber landscape edging does seem very easy to install as you don’t have to dig any holes at all. 

You just lay out where you want the edging to be and use the stakes to secure it in place. 

What Other People Thought

I did some more research on the Rubberific landscape edging, and it seems to be well liked with an average rating of about 4 stars on sites like Home Depot and Lowes. 

Most people loved how easy it was to install and really liked the finished look of the product. 

The number one complaint that many of them had was that the holes that the stakes go into were just too small for the stakes.

Most of them got around this problem by either drilling out the holes to be a bit bigger, or using dawn dish soap to help the stakes go in easier. 

Overall, even with the complaint of the holes being too small, the majority of the customers were very satisfied with the product. 

package on rubber landscape edging

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking to do some landscaping, then this might be just what you need. It seems to be easy to install and maintain. 

I really like the idea of not having to use a trimmer around the edging since it is designed to allow your mower to trim right next to the edging. 

It also seems like the rubber landscape edging at Costco is a great deal compared to most other stores.

Costco sells this twin pack of edging for $14.99 which comes out to be about $7.50 for each four foot section. Most other stores were selling four foot sections for about $10 each. 

This means you are saving about $2.50 per each four foot section by purchasing at Costco. 

If you are purchasing many sections for a large project, this can really add up and save you some money!

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michael ruppe

Monday 16th of May 2022

Does it dry rot


Monday 16th of May 2022

I couldn't find this exact answer, but it says that it is very durable. When I was researching reviews, I didn't find many people complaining of rot. Rot may be possible after many years, but overall the rubber landscape edging should withstand rot much better than wood edging.

Marilyn Link

Wednesday 4th of May 2022

Do you still have rubberific in stock?


Wednesday 4th of May 2022

You will have to check your local Costco to see if it's still in stock.