Skinny Pop Popcorn at Costco Review

In our house, we love Skinny Pop Popcorn. It’s a great snack idea, and I love to put some in my kids lunches. While I can say that it tastes great, it can be a little bit expensive. I was happy to find this at a much lower price on my last Costco run!

This review is going to be about the original flavor, because that is our favorite, and what they had in stock. However, I will be trying out the other flavors soon too! 


  • $5.99 for the 14 oz large bag (item number 1150189)
  • $12.99 for the box of 28 small bags (item number 1026583)
  • Located in the center of the store (sometimes you will find it on the snack aisle) 
  • 39 Calories Per Cup
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Preservative Free

Inside the Bag

While the bag is really large, when you first open it up the popcorn only fills up about half of the bag. Even though the entire bag isn’t filled, you still get a lot of popcorn. This is a great deal for only $5.99. 

looking inside the bag at the popcorn


I love the taste of this popcorn. It is not too plain, but also not too buttery or salty. It has absolutely the perfect amount of butter and salty taste. 

close up of popcorn

This is probably why they call it “Pure Popped Perfection” and I would have to agree! 

photo of side of bag that says pure popped perfection

If you have never tried Skinny Pop before, this popcorn is more of a healthy popcorn, even though it doesn’t taste healthy. Don’t expect it to be really buttery like the kind that you would get at the movies or most of the brands that you pop in the microwave where the inside of the bag is covered in butter. 

skinny pop popcorn on a plate

You can grab a handful of Skinny Pop and you won’t get any butter or anything left over on your hands, just a little bit of salt. While you might think that popcorn that is not loaded in butter wouldn’t taste good, it actually does.

I was even surprised the first time that I tasted it. I don’t know how they make it taste so good, but they have it figured out perfectly. 

photo of side of bag that explains about the product


Here is the full nutrition breakdown from the back of the Skinny Pop bag. 

neutron facts from side of bag

I also love that it is free of bad ingredients. It’s the perfect snack for someone that has a specific diet, or is just looking for products that are non-go and free of preservatives. Here is more information about the Ingredients.

more information about ingredients in the skinny pop

Final Thoughts

Overall, we all love Skinny Pop Popcorn in my house! I love it even more that we can get such a large box or bag from Costco at a great price. If you are looking for a popcorn that is better for you than some of the other kinds available, then you should really try this Skinny Pop. 

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