Frozen Royal Asia Vegetable Spring Rolls at Costco Review

When I spotted the Royal Asia Vegetable Spring Rolls at Costco, I knew that I needed to try them. Honestly, I didn’t have the highest expectations.

Most of the time when I get spring rolls I get them fresh from a restaurant, so I figured that the frozen ones wouldn’t be as good. I am happy to say that I was 100% wrong about these Spring Rolls, because they are delicious.

costco spring rolls

Spring Rolls at Costco

  • Costco item number 337754
  • $10.49 USD
  • Vegan
  • Box includes 50 frozen spring rolls & sauce.
  • Oven bake or air fry. 
  • Made by Royal Asia

I found these spring rolls in the freezer section next to the frozen foods. 

Inside the Box

When you open the box there is a large bag of frozen spring rolls and four small bags of soy ginger sauce. 

royal Asia vegetable spring rolls

About Royal Asia

The company that makes Spring Rolls is called Royal Asia. There is some information about Royal Asia on the side of the box.

It talks about how they use fresh and authentic Asian recipes. They also carefully choose the perfect balance between the five essential tastes (Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spicy).

vegetable spring rolls info on box

Ingredients and Nutrition

The main ingredients in the vegetable spring rolls include edamame, carrots, cabbage, sweet potato, and Jicama (yam bean) wrapped in a pastry wrapper. One serving size is four spring rolls and has 290 calories. Here is the full nutritional information and ingredients from the box.

nutrition facts

How to cook frozen spring rolls?

The Vegetable Spring Rolls can be cooked in the oven or the air fryer. Here are the cooking instructions for each:

  • Oven: Bake at 375 F for about 20 minutes. Flipping halfway through. 
  • Air Fryer: Heat at 375 F for 8 minutes. Flipping halfway through. 

Spring rolls are heated when golden brown and crispy. Run the soy ginger sauce packets under cold water until defrosted. 

costco spring rolls cooking instructions

Cooking the Rolls

I cooked my spring rolls in my air fryer. I followed the instructions on the package and they turned out perfect. First I placed the frozen spring rolls in the bottom of the fryer basket on the crisper tray. I then cooked at (375 F) for 4 minutes. 

frozen rolls in air fryer

After 4 minutes, I flipped all the spring rolls, and continued cooking for another 4 minutes. (I didn’t preheat my air fryer).After the full 8 minutes they were golden brown on the edges.

I probably could have cooked them for a minute longer, but I didn’t want them to be too crispy. I thought that they turned out perfectly cooked in my air fryer. They were crispy, but not too much. 

cooked spring rolls in air fryer


The Spring Rolls were absolutely delicious. I didn’t expect a box of frozen spring rolls to taste this good! They were crispy on the outside and the vegetable mix on the inside was delicious. I also liked that they were not very greasy. 

costco spring rolls on a plate

I have eaten spring rolls in the past that were so greasy that it really took away from the taste, but these had very little grease. They were not spicy at all, so if you don’t like spicy foods, then you will probably enjoy these. 

While the vegetable spring roll itself didn’t have much added flavoring, when you dipped it in the soy ginger sauce it gave it the perfect flavor. 

soy ginger sauce pack

Also, it didn’t taste like you were eating a spring roll, the consistency was the same as any other egg or roll with meat. I am not a big fan of ginger, and I don’t really like soy sauce, so I figured that I wouldn’t like the included soy ginger dipping sauce. 

I was also wrong about the sauce, because this sauce had a pretty thick consistency, more like a sweet and sour sauce, it stuck to the spring roll nicely and it tasted really good. 

The serving size for these spring rolls is just four rolls, and they are actually pretty small. Four rolls definitely didn’t fill me up, so I ended up eating more than that. 

inside of the spring roll

Final Thoughts 

I am very happy that I purchased these Spring Rolls. I thought that they were delicious, and they definitely taste better than the ones that I have tried at restaurants. 

Normally they are priced at $10.49 for a box of 50. I found them on sale for just $7.29. Even at the regular price of about $10 per box these are a great deal because there are so many spring rolls included. 

It’s also nice that they include the dipping sauce in the box. I honestly think that they tasted so much better with the dipping sauce, and it’s convenient that you don’t have to buy this separately. 

If I had one complaint it would be that there were only 4 small sauce packs in the box. I do think that they should include at least 1-2 more packs of the soy ginger sauce. 

These Royal Asia Spring Rolls were easy to cook, tasted great, and would be perfect for an easy appetizer or snack. I will definitely be buying them again!

If you are looking to try some delicious frozen spring rolls I would recommend that you buy these ones. 

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