Crazy Cuizine Mandarin Costco Orange Chicken Review

This Orange Chicken tastes so good that it is even better than take out! Best of all, it is fast and easy to prepare.

I have heard that people just love this Crazy Cuisine Orange Chicken, and after today, I understand why! 

orange chicken at costco


  • Costco Item number is 1143205
  • Found in the freezer section near the other prepackaged meals
  • $13.69 USD per box

The package says that the Mandarin Orange Chicken is battered chicken breast with rib meat & mandarin orange sauce.The box also says “Restaurant Quality at Home” and after trying this Orange Chicken, I can definitely agree with that statement. 

It also says that this chicken is made with chickens that are raised without antibiotics, that it is fully cooked, and air fry ready. 

What I loved

I love that you can just store this in your freezer and quickly prepare it whenever you are feeling like Orange Chicken. No more having to order takeout and going to pick it up. 

Inside the box, the orange chicken is designed to be prepared in 2 different batches. There are 2 bags of the breaded chicken and 2 bags of the frozen orange sauce. 

This makes it very simple to prepare, you don’t have to measure anything out. Everything has already been measured for you. 

inside the box

Cooking Instructions

You can cook the Orange Chicken on a baking sheet in the oven (400 F for 15-18 minutes) on a skillet (¼ cup of oil 15-18 minutes medium heat), or using an air fryer (400 F for 14 – 17 minutes). The orange chicken should be crisp and golden brown. 

While you are cooking, put the orange chicken sauce in a warm bowl of water to defrost. After the chicken is done, stir in the sauce, and let stand for 2-3 minutes before serving. 

Here are the full cooking instructions that are shown on the box. 

orange chicken cooking instructions

I just purchased a Gorurmia Air Fryer from Costco a few weeks ago, so of course I used the air fryer option to prepare mine. 

Cooking the Orange Chicken in Air Fryer

First I placed one of the frozen bags of sauce into a bowl of warm water. I was worried that it might not have enough time to thaw, but by the time the chicken was done cooking it was already perfectly thawed out. 

sauce in warm water

Then I placed one entire bag of the frozen Orange Chicken into my air fryer basket. I really like that you don’t have to wait for it to thaw, you just cook it while it is still frozen. 

frozen orange chicken in air fryer

After all the frozen breaded chicken was in the air fryer, I turned on the turn reminder option, and set the air fryer to cook for 17 minutes at 400 F. I forgot to preheat the air fryer, but it still turned out perfect. Once the turn reminder went off halfway through the cooking time, I flipped and stirred around the chicken pieces. 

Turing the chicken in air fryer

It doesn’t say to do this on the cooking instructions, but I just wanted to make sure it would be equally crispy on all sides. 

I closed the air fryer and let it finish cooking until the timer went off. When I opened the air fryer the chicken was perfectly cooked and a nice golden brown color. 

I loved cooking it in the air fryer because it was so easy, and it was the perfect amount of crispness, not too much, but not soggy either. I will definitely be using the air fryer method to prepare it next time too. 

Once the chicken was done cooking, I added it to a bowl, put the entire bag of orange chicken sauce onto the chicken and then stirred it until all the chicken pieces were covered in sauce. 

finished orange chicken

At first I thought that there might not be enough sauce, but it ended up being the perfect amount. 


It looked so good when it was finished and it was just as good when I tasted it too. I was very surprised at how good the Orange Chicken tasted. 

It was just as good or better than any of the orange chicken take-out that I have tried in the past. There are many different combinations that you could pair with the orange chicken. 

The Costco Stir Fry Frozen Vegetables would also go good with it. I had some white rice and steamed broccoli with mine. 

costco orange chicken, rice and vegetables

They also had some meal ideas on the box. I don’t know about a few of the suggestions, but I really like the idea of using toothpicks in the orange chicken pieces on a platter. This would be perfect to serve at a party. 


Here is the overview of the nutrition information. 

orange chicken nutrition label

Final Thoughts

This store bought orange chicken is something that I will be purchasing again soon. I love that it was already pre-portioned and I could just throw it into my air fryer and have it finished in less than 20 minutes. 

I will be keeping some of this in my freezer for when I can’t think of what to cook, or when I am just craving Chinese food.If you love orange chicken, then I would recommend that you try this.

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