Costco Kirkland Signature Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips Review

Did you know that you can buy tortilla chips at Costco? Just like everything else at Costco they come in a large bag. 

costco tortilla chips

Tortilla chips are always a must have. They are perfect for chips and salsa and they make a great snack. Finding the perfect tortilla chip that tastes great, is the right size, and isn’t too expensive can sometimes be hard. 

After trying these tortilla chips for the first time I can honestly say that they taste great and I will definitely be buying them again. This huge bag would also be perfect for a party! Here is everything that you need to know. 

Tortilla Chips at Costco

  • Costco item number 833684
  • $4.89 USD 
  • 40 ounce bag.
  • Gluten free.
  • Organic restaurant style
  • Authentic blend of real ground white & yellow corn. 

I found the chips near the side of the store by the snack aisles next to the other chips. 

Inside the Bag 

The tortilla chips come in a large bag. The bag is not resealable, so I would recommend a chip bag clip to keep the tortillas chips fresh. The bag is about halfway full of chips. 

I did actually really like the softer texture of the bag, and thought the outside design was pretty, it just doesn’t stay rolled up so you will want to get a chip bag clip to keep it closed. 

It also seemed like most of these tortilla chips were perfectly intact and not broken or smashed. 

chips in bag


One serving size is 1 ounce of chips which has about 140 calories. Here is the full nutritional information from the back of the bag. 

nutrition facts


I have tried a ton of different tortilla chips, and I can honestly say that these ones are my favorite. The chips were fresh, crunchy, and even smelled great.

When you first open the bag you can smell the organic corn tortilla chips and they have a nice fresh smell. 

tortilla chips on plate


One thing that I really love about these tortilla chips is their size. They are actually the perfect size. They are shaped in a triangle like traditional tortilla chips, but they are smaller than some other brands. 

I really loved this smaller size, because the tortilla chips can be easily dipped into sauces, and also you can easily take a bite without having to break the chips first.

tortilla chip

Crunch / Texture 

The Tortilla chips were also the perfect texture and crunch. They have that authentic style thick texture like you would find at a restaurant. 

They were also very fresh and crunchy. When I bit into the chips they were easy to bite, but didn’t break into a bunch of pieces like some other brands of tortilla chips. 

Added Salt

I am very sensitive to salt, and don’t like when tortilla chips have too much salt. Luckily these ones were perfect. You could taste a slight hint of salt, but it wasn’t too much. 

Overall, I enjoyed eating these tortilla chips just plain, and with salsa. They tasted great and had the perfect size, crunch, and salt. 

tortilla chips from costco on plate

Final Thoughts 

I love these Costco Tortilla Chips. I will definitely be buying these in the future. They are my new favorite brand. 

These tortilla chips would be perfect for making nachos, or to purchase for a party. In my opinion they are the perfect taste, size, crunch, and don’t have too much salt. 

I also love that they are organic and are priced less than other store brands that are non-organic. 

If you are looking for some great tasting tortilla chips then I would recommend that you try these!

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