Costco Nestle Ice Cream Variety Pack Review

If you love ice cream, then you are going to love the large Ice Cream variety pack from Costco. This box is huge and it has over 40 different ice creams in it! Of course, when I spotted this large box of ice creams I had to try it out.

It includes all the classic flavors such as sandwich bars, drumsticks, and dipped bars. A box of these would be perfect for summer, a party, or if your family just loves ice cream! Here is everything you need to know. 


  • Costco item number 1430961
  • $17.49 USD 
  • Box includes 40 ice creams. 
  • 12 Vanilla ice cream sandwiches.
  • 16 drumsticks. 
  • 12 cookie dipped bars. 

Inside the Box

I expected to just open up the box and see a bunch of ice creams in there. Instead each flavor of ice cream is packed in its own box. This is actually more convenient, because the smaller boxes will take up less room in your freezer. 

large costco ice cream box with smaller ice cream boxes in it

Inside the Costco Ice Cream variety pack are 6 different boxes. There are (2) 6 count boxes of cookie dipped bars, (2) 6 count boxes of ice cream sandwiches, and (2) 8 count boxes of drumsticks. 

boxes of drumsticks, ice cream sandwiches, and cookie dipped bars

Nutritional Information 

There is a full nutritional overview on the large box, as well as nutrition information on each of the small boxes. Here is a photo of the nutritional information. 

nutritional information

Drumstick Variety Pack 

The two boxes of Drumsticks contain a mix of carmel, chocolate and vanilla. These are the Drumsticks that we all know and love. 

The drumsticks come in a waffle cone filled with ice cream, dipped in chocolate to form a crunch outer shell, and covered in peanuts. Nestle Drumsticks are also known as America’s Favorite Sundae Cone, because they are like an ice cream sundae in a cone. 

I tried out all the flavors, and I would have to say they are all good. My favorite flavor was just plain vanilla. The chocolate and caramel were also good. The caramel cones had so much caramel in them, which surprised me. 

drumstick ice cream

Vanilla Sandwiches

We all know and love the classic vanilla sandwich. The two boxes of vanilla sandwiches come with all the same flavor. 

They have creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers. These were so good, and they were the first boxes to be eaten from my freezer, so my family loved them too! 

vanilla sandwich ice cream

Cookie Dipped Bars 

The cookie dipped bars were the only flavor in this variety pack that I had never tried before. Honestly these were my least favorite. 

They are a vanilla bar dipped in cookie coated crunchy chocolate. I expected to love these, but they just had a weird taste. I think that it was the taste of the cookie crumble that I didn’t really love. This flavor was the last one left in my freezer. While they weren’t my favorite, they didn’t taste bad, and we ate them all. 

cookie dipped bar

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to stock your freezer with some great tasting ice cream, then this Ice Cream variety pack might be perfect for you. Just $17.49 for a box of 40 ice creams makes this Ice Cream at Costco a great deal. That’s only 44 cents per ice cream! 

I love that these ice creams come in individual boxes because this takes up much less space than trying to fit the huge cardboard box in the freezer. 

While the cookie dipped bar wasn’t my favorite, I would probably purchase this variety pack again. Overall, they are a great deal, tasted delicious, and they are very convenient.

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