Universal Studios Tickets at Costco (Prices & Tips 2023)

If you are planning a trip to Universal Studios, then you are probably wondering if you can save some money on your tickets as a Costco member.

universal studio tickets at costco

Costco will sometimes have Universal Studio Season Pass tickets available to purchase in-store at certain Costco locations. I live in California, and I found these Universal Studios Hollywood Passes for sale for $159.99 at my local Costco. 


  • Costco Item number 1634857
  • $159.99 USD 
  • Over 210 days.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • Valid for 11 months after first registered visit.
  • Use any day on the 1st visit.
  • Blackout dates apply for all return visits. 

I am pretty sure that these Universal Studios passes are only sold in stores that are relatively close to a Universal Theme Park. It makes sense that my local Costco was selling Universal Studios Hollywood Passes because I live in California. 

I have also heard of Costco’s in Florida offering Universal Studios Orlando Passes. Depending on where you live your local Costco may or may not sell these tickets. These tickets were found near the Costco Gift Card Section. If you are searching for these at your local store, I would first find the gift card section, and then see if they have the tickets. 

I would also suggest asking one of the employees if your store sells them. If you do find these tickets in store, they don’t have the physical tickets on display. Instead you will grab the cardboard representation of the ticket and bring it with you to checkout, and after you pay, they will give you the physical copy of the tickets. 

Can you buy these Tickets at Costco.com? 

Currently it doesn’t look like Costco sells these Universal Studio Passes online. Just last year they were offering Universal Studio tickets for sale online, it looks like they are no longer selling theme park tickets on Costco.com. 

Hopefully they will start selling them again online soon. They do however, sell Universal Studio Tickets that are included as part of a Costco Travel vacation package.

As of the time of writing this post, they only had vacation packages that included Universal Studio Orlando Tickets on costcotravel.com. What is offered on Costco Travel is constantly changing, so you just have to check the website to see what’s available. 

When you do visit the Costco travel website, you will choose the “Theme Parks & Specialty” option from the top navigation bar, and navigate to the Universal option. 

You can then scroll down to see the featured deals options for vacation packages offered to Universal Studios. 

Just know that from Costco Travel you cannot purchase just the park tickets. You must buy the entire vacation package, including your hotel stay, and the tickets come as part of the vacation package. 


You can purchase a Universal Studio Hollywood Season pass online from Universal Studios from about $159 – $529. 

The cheaper season passes (including the one sold in Costco stores) have a higher number of blackout dates and restrictions. While the more expensive annual passes come with other perks like free parking and discounts, the one sold at Costco does not. You can also get daily admission tickets on the Universal Studios website for anywhere from $104-$349.

While the $159.99 annual pass sold at Costco might seem like a great deal, there are many restrictions and blackout dates that apply. 

Final Thoughts 

While you can purchase a season pass for Universal Studios at Costco, there are pros and cons

Unless you live near a Universal Studios theme park, and will be visiting more than a couple times a year, you won’t be saving much by purchasing the annual pass from Costco. 

You will also only be able to use the pass on certain days of the year due to the high number of blackout dates and restrictions. 

With daily admission tickets starting around $104 dollars on the Universal Studios Website it makes more sense to just pay the daily admission fee and not have to worry about blackout dates. 

Universal Studios Hollywood is also not a very big park, so you should only need about 1 day to see the entire park. 

If you only plan on visiting one day a year then, you would actually be saving money (about $50 per ticket) by purchasing a daily admission ticket from Universal Studios website versus the annual pass from Costco. 

Although, if you are a local resident and plan on visiting multiple times a year, and don’t care about the blackout dates and restrictions, then you would save money after just your second day visiting the park.

I hope that this helps you to understand a bit more about the Universal Studio season pass from Costco.

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