Organic Valley Nuevo Frozen Mango Chunks at Costco Review

I bought this bag of Frozen Mango from Costco and I am happy to say that it is delicious. We love using frozen mango in smoothies and smoothie bowls. So when I spotted this huge 5 pound bag, I knew that I needed to buy it. 

costco frozen mango

When I first picked up the bag it felt like the mango chunks might be all frozen together, so I was a bit worried. Luckily the chunks came apart easily and were so good. Here is everything that you need to know. 


  • Costco item number 1362911
  • $9.49 USD
  • By Valle Nuevo 
  • USDA Organic

I found the frozen mango chunks in the frozen foods section near the other frozen fruit. Frozen fruit can be expensive at some stores, but Costco has some big bags of frozen fruit that are very affordable. This large bag has 5 pounds of frozen mangoes for only $9.49 USD and it is organic. 

Inside the Bag

The bag has a resealable ziplock seal that is convenient for storing the mangoes. 

frozen mango chunks

When I first picked up this bag, I almost didn’t buy it because it felt like all the mangoes were frozen together in one big block. I don’t like to buy frozen fruit that is all frozen together, and is very hard to separate. 

Since these mangoes were a great deal, and I really wanted to review them I decided to buy them anyway. While they were stuck together when I opened the bag, they were actually super easy to separate. 

It only took a few seconds and the mango chunks easily separated. These frozen mango chunks are from the company Valle Nuevo and they are packed in Mexico. On the back of the bag it says “send us your recipes!” to There are also some facts about Mangos. 

costco frozen mango bag

I love that they also have a Mango Coconut Popsicle Recipe on the back of the bag. It uses these frozen mango chunks, chia seed, and coconut milk. I will definitely be making these this summer. (I’ll let you know how they taste!)

mango coconut popsicle recipe on bag


A serving size is one cup and has just 80 calories. Here is the full nutrition information from the side of the bag. 

nutrition information

Are the Frozen Mangoes Good? 

These frozen mangoes from Costco are delicious. They are very sweet and flavorful. I have heard of some people not liking the frozen mangoes at Costco because they were sour. This bag that I bought was not sour at all and tasted so good. 

The flavor of each bag might vary just a bit depending on how ripe the mangoes were when they were picked, frozen, and packaged. Ripe mangoes have a soft texture and a sweet taste, while unripe mangoes have a harder texture and a sour taste. 

I honestly prefer to eat frozen mangoes or use them in recipes for smoothies, but I let a few of the chunks thaw and they were perfectly soft like a ripe mango. 

frozen mango from costco

My kids and I like to get a cup of frozen mango and let it thaw just a bit and then snack on it while it is still frozen. It is the perfect sweet treat, and it almost tastes like a popsicle or sorbet, but is much better for you. 

Final Thoughts 

I am very happy that I purchased these Frozen Mango chunks. They taste delicious, are priced right, and are easy to separate. If you are looking to buy some frozen mango, I would definitely recommend that you try this! 

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