Costco Dark Chocolate Almond BarkThins Review

If you have never tried BarkThins before, then you need to! But let me warn you, they might become your new favorite treat. The bag of Dark Chocolate Almond BarkThins at Costco is the best price that I have found.

I try to eat healthy-ish, but sometimes I get late night chocolate cravings. Instead of going to the store and buying whatever chocolate I can find, I like to keep a bag of the these stashed away in my cupboards.

barkthins at costco

And while I love the taste of these, I refuse to buy them anywhere else except Costco because they are just so much more expensive at other stores. 


  • Costco Item number is 1062032
  • They are found in prepackaged snack aisle near
  • $6.97 USD
  • 20 ounces of chocolate
  • Made with dark chocolate, almonds and sea salt
  • Fair trade certified ingredients
  • Non-Gmo verified 

The package says that the BarkThins are snacking chocolate and are made from dark chocolate, almonds, and sea salt. This bag of BarkThins also comes with a resealable zip lock seal built into the bag, so that your chocolate will stay fresh.

inside the bag

On the back of the bag it also has a little bit more information about the BarkThin company and what they believe. It says that their goal is to create a one-of-a-kind chocolate with simple ingredients. It also says that their bark is a little goodness that goes a long way. 

I would have to agree with this statement! One thing I love about dark chocolate BarkThins is that I feel satisfied and full after eating just a few pieces. Some other chocolate brands I eat way more to satisfy my craving. I don’t know why, but the BarkThins Chocolate just hits the spot. 

back of bag


The BarkThins Dark Chocolate and Almond flavor has the perfect amount of dark chocolate taste. I have tried some dark chocolate in the past, that tasted really bitter, but the BarkThins doesn’t taste bitter at all. It also doesn’t have a bitter after taste. 

While, of course it’s not milk chocolate, it is my very favorite dark chocolate brand. Dark chocolate in general is a bit healthier than milk chocolate. This is because it has more cocoa solids, less sugar, no milk, and less calories. 

So I try to snack on dark chocolate as a bit of a healthier alternative when I crave some chocolate. Another thing that I love about the BarkThins is that they are just what the name says “Thin”!

While I know that the shape of the chocolate doesn’t actually change the taste, there is just something about the thinness of the chocolate that makes it perfect for snacking and just tastes a bit smoother. 

a barkthin from the side

I also love that the almonds mixed in with the chocolate are not large chunks of almonds, they are more crushed up, so you don’t really feel like you are eating almonds, but they give the chocolate a great taste. When writing this review, I also noticed that on the back of the bag it says For the best tasting barkThins chocolate KEEP THEM COOL! 

Ok, so I never even thought about keeping my Bark Thins cool, but of course I had to try it. I have always just stored mine in my cupboard. I put some in the fridge, to see if they tasted any different and I did think that they tasted even better. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this!


Here is a photo of the nutrition label on the back of the BarkThins bag.

nutrition facts

When I was doing some research about for this post, I did discover that Costco used to sell ones that were Vegan and they didn’t contain any milk. You should know that these are not vegan, and the ingredients do contain milk fat (the old labels didn’t contain milk). Here is a full list of ingredients:


I looked into why the label was changed, and found out that the BarkThins couldn’t be certified as vegan due to their sugar refining process. 

Also, they had to update the ingredients list to include milk fat due to both milk chocolate and dark chocolate products sharing the same manufacturing equipment. I thought it was weird that it had milk listed when dark chocolate doesn’t normally contain milk, but now we know why! 

Other BarkThin Flavors

While this review is about the Almond flavor BarkThins, they also have many other flavors. They are also available in prentzel, coconut almond, peanut, pumpkin seed, mint, and blueberry & quinoa.

I know that Costco normally stocks the almond flavor, and in the fall they also sell the pumpkin seed flavor, but I haven’t seen the other flavors in my local warehouse. 

Final Thoughts

The Bark Thins at Costco taste great and they are the best deal that you will find in stores. These are my go-to snacks when I am craving chocolate. 

If you love dark chocolate too, I would highly recommend that you try the almond BarkThins!

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