Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Strawberries at Costco Review

I have seen the Tru Fru Chocolate covered Strawberries at Costco so many times and have always wanted to try them. Since I love any excuse to try something with chocolate, I figured that it was finally time to buy these. 

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from these Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Strawberries, but I am glad that I tried them. 

There were a few things that surprised me, some things I loved, and some things that I didn’t really like. I always like to keep some kind of frozen dessert or chocolate in the house for late night sweet cravings. 

Costco literally has so many sweet treats that are just so good! I have also seen this Tru Fru brand at a few other stores with the chocolate covered strawberries and blueberries. 


  • Costco Item number 1517285
  • Frozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • $10.89 USD for a 20 Oz bag.
  • White & Milk Chocolate
  • Found in Freezer section next to desserts.

Inside The Bag

The 20 oz bag of Tru Fru Frozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries at Costco comes about half way full of frozen strawberries. It has a resealable zip-lock liner which makes storing the strawberries easy. 

tru fru chocolate covered strawberries

On the back of the bag it shows some information about how the Tru Fru products are made. It says that they are picked ripe, hyper-chilled to lock in flavor and nutrition and then immersed in sustainable white and milk chocolate. 

tru fru frozen strawberries


The instructions on the bag say that you should keep your berries frozen. When you are ready to eat them, remove them and let thaw for 15 minutes. Make sure that you remember to put all the other berries that you aren’t going to eat back in the freezer, so they don’t defrost.

Also, it does state that after taking your berries out of the freezer, you should consume them within 48 hours. Here is a photo of the instructions on the bag:

instructions on bag


I wasn’t sure how eating a frozen strawberry with chocolate on it would taste. I was a little bit worried that biting into a whole frozen strawberry might be just too hard. 

Before trying the first one I followed the instructions on the bag and let it sit out for 15 minutes. Then when I bit into it the strawberry was not hard at all. 

chocolate covered strawberries on plate

These strawberries are dipped in a layer of white chocolate and then also dipped in a layer of milk chocolate. 

The chocolate coats the strawberries on all sides, and there is actually a very thick layer of the chocolate. In this photo you can see the layers of white and milk chocolate covering the strawberry. 

frozen strawberry covered in white and milk chocolate

I could definitely taste both types of chocolate as the berries were very sweet. The strawberries were also very good. It was not too hard to bite into them even though they were still a bit frozen in the middle. 

Just one or two will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth! I loved the taste of the sweet strawberry paired with the crunchy chocolate on the outside when I bit into them.

At first I thought that these were just a bit too sweet, but after giving them a second chance I really liked them. 

tru fru frozen strawberry from costco

I am more of a dark chocolate person, so eating white chocolate with milk chocolate was way sweeter than I am used to. My kids also tried them and loved them! We went through this big bag way too fast, they were just too good. 


Here is a photo of the full nutrition information from the side of the bag. A serving size is about 3 pieces and contains 90 calories. 

tru fru strawberry nutrition information

Final Thoughts

I really liked the Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Strawberries. While they are a little on the sweet side, they are very good. I loved the actual taste of the strawberry and the crunch of the chocolate on the outside. 

My kids also loved these and they are already asking for me to buy more. If you love white and milk chocolate, then I would definitely recommend that you try these.

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