Costco Long Stem Chocolate Covered Strawberries Review

The famous Chocolate Covered Strawberries at Costco are back! These are one of the most popular items for Valentine’s Day. 

Each year Costco dips thousands of long stem strawberries in Chocolate and puts them out for sale the week leading up to Valentine’s day. 

They only sell them until supplies last, and they normally sell out fast. I have heard some mixed reviews, so I was excited that they had them in stock last time I was in store. 

I am always up to review something new. Especially if it’s chocolate! These are perfect to give that someone special in your life for Valentine’s day.


  • Costco Item number 11500
  • $12.99 per pack.
  • Each pack includes 9 berries.
  • Long stem strawberries. 
  • Dipped in chocolate.
  • White chocolate drizzle. 
  • Located in the bakery section.

Costco sells these strawberries about 3-4 days before Valentine’s day each year. If you want to get some, make sure you don’t wait too long because they only sell a limited quantity and they sell out fast. 

I purchased these from my Costco 3 days before Valentine’s day and they look like they had just been stocked. They only sell them a few days before the holiday, because chocolate covered strawberries only stay good for a couple of days. 

You want to try and buy them as close to Valentine’s day as possible, so that they are still fresh, but you also want to get some before they sell out. 

I would recommend going first thing in the morning. Also, your local Costco bakery might be planning to make another batch. You could also ask someone in the bakery to see if they will be restocking more fresh chocolate dipped strawberries before the holiday. 


One thing that I love about these chocolate covered strawberries is that they are so pretty. They come packed in a clear plastic container with the label on the bottom of the package.  

Having the label on the bottom of the package makes the strawberries look more elegant and you don’t have to worry about peeling it off. Here is a photo of the product label on the bottom of the package.

costco hand dipped strawberries price tag

Each package comes with nine large long stemmed strawberries that are hand dipped in chocolate and drizzled in white chocolate. 

close up of strawberries


I thought that the chocolate itself was very good. Not too sweet and not too bitter. I personally prefer dark chocolate, and I would say the chocolate is more of a dark chocolate than a milk chocolate. The chocolate covered strawberries had the perfect crunchy chocolate shell and a soft sweet strawberry inside. 

a chocolate strawberry

I was a bit worried that the strawberries might be too hard, or too soft but they were actually just perfect. While I loved the taste of the chocolate on the strawberries, the actual strawberries were not that flavorful. 

They didn’t taste bad, but they also weren’t the best tasting strawberries that I have tried. I am sure that it just depends on the ripeness and batch of strawberries each year.So while the taste can vary, overall I thought that they weren’t too bad. I even had a few of them. 

Storing the Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries should be stored in the fridge. They are also only good for a few days. It is also normal if you notice a little bit of condensation on the strawberries after storing them. This is just moisture evaporating from the strawberries. 

Final Thoughts

While I wouldn’t say that the chocolate covered strawberries were the best thing that I have tasted, I did like them. I also really loved the presentation, that they were so pretty, and that there is just something so romantic about gifting some flowers and chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s day. 

For $12.99 they are a bit spendy, but I think that it is well worth the convenience. While chocolate covered strawberries are always best if you make them yourself, these are a great alternative and are much easier to just run in the store and grab. You will definitely be making someone’s Valentine’s day a little bit sweeter!

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